Pro Life Child Poverty

Twitter Posters – Rights

The Twitter Section of this blog will be dedicated to various galleries of themed Twitter Posters or Memes that anyone can grab for use on Twitter or Facebook postings or for your own blogs.
Tar Sands The Truth

What Will It Take?

Just what WILL it take to have All the Citizens of the World rise up together in unison to send a clear message to Big Oil Pimps and their Politician Whores to stop the systematic destruction of this planet?
Ukraine Bloodshed

Putin’s End Game…

The Conflict in Ukraine continues with no end in the foreseeable future. The talks in Minsk broke up Saturday with zero progress. The Ukrainian envoy said Russian-backed militant leaders refused to discuss ceasefire.
Steve King Cantaloupe

The Steve King Freedom Summit

What is truly amazing here is when you watch these morons speaking at the podium you just have to do a face palm. And Yes, there are people stupid enough to vote for walking advertisements for idiocy.
Putin Terrorist Alexander Zakharchenko

Putin Terrorists Shell Mariupol

On Friday January 23rd while talks were underway to stem the violence in Ukraine, the "So Called" leader of the Putin Russian Terrorists had other ideas...