Homeless By Lee Jeffries

The GOP Agenda

And since Corporations “Are People” and are allowed to spend any amount of money to put stupid white evangelicals into power, there will be no end to the destruction of the planet and humanity.
Save The Arctic - Irina Tikhomirova

Global Meltdown

The majority of the people in this country believe that the Keystone XL Pipeline will help reduce our dependency on foreign oil and the price at the pump. Both perceptions are wrong, as most of that Tar Sand is headed to China.
Paul Broun Oil Whore

Paul Broun Tea Bagger Psycho

Dear America, What you are about to read on this blog article is complete and undisputable FACT! If it does not scare you that we have politicians representing the people of America in congress, who ARE flat out lying to further their agenda and profit from their actions, then God Help us All! If the people in this country DO NOT Stand Up to these Lying Psychopaths and put a stop to it, you may as well kiss this country, your future and the future of your children good bye!