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Rotten To The Core

Now Apple finally got caught, sort of speak, with their criminal hands in the cookie jar, and of course all the little zealots are crying foul and that it is the US Tax Code that caused Apple to not only ship jobs overseas, but to also off-shore their profits in foreign countries. Really?
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5 Year Olds Need Not Apply!

How truly fitting! In one of Apple's latest ads for the iPad or iPhone, Apple is truly telling their mind controlled insecure users that they view them as a 5 year old when using their products.
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College Student + iPad = $6,829

Oh Mr. iJobs... I bet you did not see this one coming did you? I guess this is what happens when you give all those free iPads to the Colleges and Universities. Not only do your pathetic devices suck when connecting to the college networks, but it appears the schools plan to recoup their broadband WiFi costs.