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Hasta la vista Baby!

Just isn't it interesting how these Tea Bagger Governors and State Representatives are trying to wield some sort of authority living in the delusion and or belief that they were elected into their office by 100 percent of the population of their state. Secession cried Governor Rick Perry of Texas and of course the Arizona Congress is submitting legislation for articles of Secession from the United States.
Republican View of Reagan

The Truth About “The Gipper”

Ronald Regan is a constant point of GOP reference and yet Reagan, the putative foe of big government, accumulated hundreds of billions in debt by the end of his second term. It was Democrat Bill Clinton who cleaned up the mess, leaving a budget surplus behind in 2000.
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Blood Libel Palin

First You Promote the Targeting of Democrats with Your Reload Rhetoric. Then People are murdered and injured and You Cry that YOU are the Victim, using a term you have no clue of the meaning! Now You claim Democrats have the "Fighting Instinct of a Bunch of Sheep."
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Dickless Cheney

Ahh the Dickless Dick Cheney made the rounds today and made his asinine predictions, specifically that President Obama will be a one term President... Really?