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Just when we thought this whole issue about the President's Birth Certificate was over we get yet another video that surfaces claiming that the Long Form Birth Certificate is a forgery according to this "Expert" who "Does this for a Living..." Shall we go to the video?
Rise of the 4th Reich

The Rise Of The 4th Reich

The Rise Of The 4th Reich, the Tea Party and the Radical Religious Right has so many parallels, that it has become frightening and cannot be ignored any longer.
Donald Quack Trump

“I’m a Smart Guy…”

"I'm a Smart Guy..." Excuse Me! Are You Sure? Perhaps You are simply an Egotistical, Closet, Used Car Salesman with a Really Bad Comb Over who also happens to have connections with the Mafia... But that's just me.
Paul Broun Oil Whore

Paul Broun Tea Bagger Psycho

Dear America, What you are about to read on this blog article is complete and undisputable FACT! If it does not scare you that we have politicians representing the people of America in congress, who ARE flat out lying to further their agenda and profit from their actions, then God Help us All! If the people in this country DO NOT Stand Up to these Lying Psychopaths and put a stop to it, you may as well kiss this country, your future and the future of your children good bye!