The Elderly

What Have We Become…

Today I was reminded why I live my life the way that I do and why I would never be a cold, cruel, heartless and greedy Conservative.

The Lying Carnival Barker

The Carnival Barker goes on camera being rude and condescending to who ever is doing the interview bragging that he has released his financials like he's this financial God. The Funny thing is Bill and Melinda Gates have given away more than Trump has ever made and Trump's "Tax Free 7 Billion in wealth is pocket change to Bill Gates, and yet Bill Gates isn't a Pompous Ass like Trump.
Herman Cain - Grope

Squirming Herman aka “Dirty Old Man”

The Sexual Harassment DOPE Well, just when you thought you've seen everything that the Republican parade of clowns could bring to the table, we now have a worthless piece of shit who is crying victim, and...