Voice In The Crowd

Enough! Grow Up Already!

I sat and watched this horrible debacle during the Democratic Primaries, and yes I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Primaries, but after watching the childish nonsense unfold at the convention and after on...
Steve King Cantaloupe

The Steve King Freedom Summit

What is truly amazing here is when you watch these morons speaking at the podium you just have to do a face palm. And Yes, there are people stupid enough to vote for walking advertisements for idiocy.
Impressive portraits by UK photographer Lee Jeffries

Message To Humanity…

Some have said that this is perhaps the greatest speech ever given on film. I believe it is right up there and a powerful piece of writing. Interesting how these words were read by Charlie Chaplin in a movie made in 1940 and these words are even more true today...
John McCain Trainwreck

Republican Alternate Universe

In the last 4 and 1/2 years of paying attention to the political beast in this country, I've witnessed some of the most bizarre and ludicrous examples human stupidity in my life. Having said that, it seemed...
Homeless By Lee Jeffries

The GOP Agenda

And since Corporations “Are People” and are allowed to spend any amount of money to put stupid white evangelicals into power, there will be no end to the destruction of the planet and humanity.