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Rotten To The Core

Now Apple finally got caught, sort of speak, with their criminal hands in the cookie jar, and of course all the little zealots are crying foul and that it is the US Tax Code that caused Apple to not only ship jobs overseas, but to also off-shore their profits in foreign countries. Really?
Birther Bat Boy

Macy’s Mittsfit Boy

Well it's clear that Macy's is not in for a "Merry Christmas" as when you have a cocky, outspoken political moron as one of your retail spokespeople, the results can be a bit different than expected.
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Dickless Cheney

Ahh the Dickless Dick Cheney made the rounds today and made his asinine predictions, specifically that President Obama will be a one term President... Really?
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Maverick? Try Traitor!

So poor little Johnny and Lindsey got their homophobic egos bruised over the passage of DADT so now these two pathetic, so called United States Senators want to play Russian Roulette with the START Treaty...