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Maverick? Try Traitor!

So poor little Johnny and Lindsey got their homophobic egos bruised over the passage of DADT so now these two pathetic, so called United States Senators want to play Russian Roulette with the START Treaty...
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For the Record…

There is a lot of misinformation circulating on talk radio, at town hall meetings, in the blogosphere, and around office water coolers about President Barack Obama. For instance, Obama is criticized for allegedly doing nothing and for doing too much.
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Glenn Beck is the Dumbest Human to walk this planet... Well on second thought... The sad flock of half whits who follow this wannabe kindergarten teacher are the Dumbest Humans to walk this planet!
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Palin Christian Values…

Ms Palin Your daughters Bristol the Pistol and Pussy Willow are such examples of Palin Christian Values aren't they? Not to mention they have such a good grip on the Queen's English... Um sort of like YOU!
Country Bumpkin Palin

Sarah Palin’s Alaska

In the fall of 2008 during the heat of the Presidential Campaign, I ran across an article that provided important information about Sarah Palin and her Toxic Paradise in Alaska and re-posted that information on CNN's iReports back in 2008. One could never imagine the irony how 2 years later that TLC would be in Alaska filming a new series called "Sarah Palin's Alaska..."