Flat Earth Fox News

Thanks FOX and Friends!

You have to seriously love the knuckleheads at FOX, as they are better than the best fiction writers on the planet. In this latest debacle with this attack ad against the President; I'm not sure who is dumber, the producer who put this fairy tale together without permission, or the three stooges on FOX and Friends for showing an unauthorized attack ad.
Debt By President

The Epitome Of Main Stream Disinformation

On January 20th 2012 the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion pages made it clear that their reporting on political events is in full alignment with the Fear and Unbalanced Right Wing Rag Fox News.

The Lying Carnival Barker

The Carnival Barker goes on camera being rude and condescending to who ever is doing the interview bragging that he has released his financials like he's this financial God. The Funny thing is Bill and Melinda Gates have given away more than Trump has ever made and Trump's "Tax Free 7 Billion in wealth is pocket change to Bill Gates, and yet Bill Gates isn't a Pompous Ass like Trump.