John McCain Trainwreck

Republican Alternate Universe

In the last 4 and 1/2 years of paying attention to the political beast in this country, I've witnessed some of the most bizarre and ludicrous examples human stupidity in my life. Having said that, it seemed...
Birther Bat Boy

Macy’s Mittsfit Boy

Well it's clear that Macy's is not in for a "Merry Christmas" as when you have a cocky, outspoken political moron as one of your retail spokespeople, the results can be a bit different than expected.
Gift From God Rape


According to Republicans and the extremist positions they are pushing, the brutal and violent rape of a defenseless woman is not only “Legitimate” but a “Gift from God.” For ANYONE to suggest that the brutal violation of a woman is Legitimate and the results are a Gift from God has serious mental and moral rights issues;
Homeless By Lee Jeffries

The GOP Agenda

And since Corporations “Are People” and are allowed to spend any amount of money to put stupid white evangelicals into power, there will be no end to the destruction of the planet and humanity.
The Elderly

What Have We Become…

Today I was reminded why I live my life the way that I do and why I would never be a cold, cruel, heartless and greedy Conservative.