In the late summer of 2008 after John McCain made his unbelievable announcement of Vice Presidential running mate, I went seeking more information about this totally unknown woman. I stumbled upon CNN’s IReports community and for the first time in my life, I got involved into the world of blogging.

After creating a few posts on IReports, it became painfully clear how mean and nasty this environment was in the heat of a Presidential election. Most of my life I was not very involved into politics, but did my civic duty and pretty much voted Independent and went with the lesser of two evils.

The full out assault and attacks against me by the Radical Right Wing Brigade hardened my resolve and motivated me to get to the truth. That truth was that John McCain wanted the White House at any cost, even the cost of this country and the American People. This one foot in the grave so called politician selected someone based on what he saw with the votes that Hilary Clinton pulled in the Primaries. He selected Now Former Governor Sarah Palin who had virtually the experience of a 6th grader playing on the campus of Harvard.

I have since left CNN’s IReports and I  started my own blogs on WordPress and now in the Spring of 2010 I’m controlling my blogs through my own servers.