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I sat and watched this horrible debacle during the Democratic Primaries, and yes I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Primaries, but after watching the childish nonsense unfold at the convention and after on Twitter, I deeply regret casting that vote for Bernie Sanders.

Results of Bernie Sanders's

Results of Bernie Sanders’s

As a result of this infantile, foot stomping, crybaby behavior of these Bernie Sanders’ Millennial supporters holdouts, we now have the worst cancer in this country undoing decades of progress that could take a generation to repair.

The absolute irony here is, these uninformed gullible fools of the Bernie Sanders propaganda campaign are going to be the ones suffering the consequences of their behavior.  I actually had a number of Millennial Sanders’ Supporters tell me on Twitter towards the end of October… “Well, there’s going to be Tough Love in November…”  Problem is, “Tough Love” only works when you are the informed adult trying to teach a lesson to a lesser informed child, not the other way around.

“Tough Love” for who? You and your children? Not for me, as I’ll probably be dead in a few years.  Oh and by the way, Dear Millennials, who still have parents and who are or will be on Social Security and Medicare; by the time Paul Ryan gets done gutting that to pay for those tax breaks for the 1%, guess you’ll be supporting your parents in your 2 bedroom apartment.  How’s that for “Tough Love?” This all brings me to today when I saw these two graphics on Twitter, by sheer accident…

The Independent

Sanders ISN'T a Democrat!

Sanders ISN’T a Democrat!

I have news for you Bernie Millennials.  Bernie Sanders always has and still is to this day registered in his state and in Congress as an Independent.  That was HIS Choice, no one else’s.  Bernie Sanders had NO Business running for President as a Democrat, Period, end of discussion.  For you ignorant fools to contend that Bernie Got Screwed by the Democrats, blah, blah, blah… Quite Frankly Fuck You.

Had Bernie Sanders ran as the Independent that he is Registered In Congress as; Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have had to deal with all the hyperbolic BS that Bernie Sanders was flinging her way, and we can see that with the second graphic to which I’m going to review in a moment.

What has been abundantly obvious here was these rabid Bernie groupies who hung on every word Bernie Sanders threw out there, whether they were relevant or true or false, they didn’t care; and they did not do their research to quantify what was being said, they just hung on his every word… Sort of reminds you of the supporters of that cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shit gibbon in the WH.  Funny how rabid ignorant support of propagandists create problems in the world.

The image to the right and above is something typical you’d find in Social Media.  Now that this “Tough Love In November” didn’t quite work out and these clueless Millennials are the blunt of the blame, and they should be, they are flinging all sorts of mud at Hillary Clinton as being the “Bad Choice.”  Funny, 65 Million of us felt that POS in the WH was the bad choice between the TWO Candidates… And AGAIN! Bernie Sanders has ALWAYS Been an Independent and had NO Business running as a Democrat.  Create all the childish memes you want, but at the end of the FACTS speak the truth.

Jill and Garry

Now, anyone, and I mean ANYONE who voted for either of those two dolts in Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, clearly shows the stupidity level in this country.  Neither one of these spoilers, out to boost their egos, had a clear message and Gary Johnson was just clearly a clueless twit.  By the way “Dr. Jill Stein” has her own problems with her connections to Russia.  Additionally, what a complete insult for this so called “Green Party” to be supporting this Anti-Vax Loser pretending to be some sort of champion for a greener planet including clean energy, global warming, and preservation of our oceans.  I don’t recall Ms. Stein referencing any of those issues in any detail.

The Neverending Smear

Isn’t it funny how these Bernie Millennials who were responsible for putting Donald Trump into the WH how they continue to try and smear Hillary Clinton?  Of course, anyone with any sense can see they are trying to justify their stupidity by continually and falsely accusing Hillary Clinton like she was the Devil, and that somehow their pathetic decisions are then somehow justified.  Well, no they were not justified, and now We are all living in a nightmare like this country has never seen before.  Sadly, as mentioned, it could take a generation to undo the damage that Trump has done in less than one year.Russian Propaganda on Clinton

When I ran across this pathetic meme with the zombie one above, I just had to do a facepalm in disgust.  I started to research each “Bullet Point” and some of which were outright lies, or in reference to Bill Clinton decades ago or false and misleading typical swift boat attacks.  I found the comments referencing back to the era of Bill Clinton interesting like the Glass Steagall Act which was also misspelled.  Glass Steagall legislation was written in 1933 and replaced with the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act in 1999.  One of the other stand out ones was the “I support Election Fraud and Voter Suppression…” What Democrat EVER supported Voter Suppression and/or Election Fraud? That’s been a long heralded effort by the Republican Party and still is (Blame others for that which you are guilty).  Clearly this came out a Trump’s Operative group now being flung by Bernie Millennials.  Additionally, due to all the erroneous bullet points, many of which are pointing at Bill Clinton, it’s clear that this is a Russian Troll Meme and these pathetic Millennials are swallowing this shit hook, line, sinker, fishing pole, and reel, and what does this say about the intelligence level of Millennials?  Clearly Gullible Fools of the Russian Trump Troll Army… Pathetic!

Perhaps it’s time for the Bernie Crybaby Millennials to grow up and move on… I’m not sure as to who is worse in beating the dead horse… Trump or Bernie Millennials.

In closing I would like to state that I never did feel Hillary Clinton was the right candidate due to all her baggage, but, on the flip side, she was a significantly better and more qualified candidate than that child in day care in the WH.  Bernie Millennials were so fixated on stomping their feet proclaiming… “Oh Yeah? We’ll Show You,” that they let this cancer into the WH and they will be paying the penalty for decades to come… Yeah, They Really Showed Us, Didn’t They?