Stopping Keystone XL

Ice Hampers Cleanup in Yellowstone’s Rare Winter Oil Spill

National Geographic Story

GLENDIVE, Montana—On a muddy bluff overlooking the Yellowstone River, Paul Peronard watched as workers tried to mop up oil through holes drilled into the frozen surface. Nearby, a whirring vacuum truck held crude from the first serious U.S. spill into icy water in a quarter-century.

The Poplar pipeline’s 31,000-gallon spill on January 17, about nine miles south of here, is a rare test of the capacity to respond to oil accidents in frozen water. Its cleanup progresses as the U.S. Senate voted Thursday to approve the pending Keystone XL project, which would cross the same river about 20 miles upstream, carrying almost 20 times as much crude…

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Just what WILL it take to have All the Citizens of the World rise up together in unison to send a clear message to Big Oil Pimps and their Politician Whores to stop the systematic destruction of this planet?

  • Worldwide drought in epic proportions?
  • Massive food shortages due to the drought?
  • Super storms making Hurricane Irene in 2011 look like a summer breeze?
  • Worldwide Unrest and Rioting due to food and drinkable water shortages?
  • Coastal Flooding due to rising sea levels?

Yes we all know with the last one gets all the laughs from the deniers as I see it on any article about Global Warming. What these moronic numbskulls clearly do not understand is that will be the the very tail end of all the other destruction. Like the icing on the cake and technically the population will be in such a meltdown over all the other problems, it will just be the final nail in the coffin of humanity.

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