This Is Their “Best?”

Iowa's Steve King CantaloupeWhat is truly amazing here is when you watch these morons speaking at the podium you just have to do a face palm.  And Yes, there are people stupid enough to vote for walking advertisements for idiocy.  Why do you think Conservatives want to kill public education and do all that “Home Schoolin’?” The want the citizens of this country so stupid so that they can put any clown in the White House to further their agenda… The GOP Agenda

Jon Stewart summed it up well towards the end of the video with…
“Incoherent, Rambling, Unintelligible, Folksy Idiom…”

So you have Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, with a wrap of Ms. Folksy herself, Sarah Palin… “Freedom Summit?” Try “Clown Summit.”  Although that is somewhat a cut against clowns because at least clowns dress the part.  

So, Shall we see who wins the vote for being the biggest clown at the “Freedom Summit?”

Which Speaker At The Freedom Summit Is The Biggest Clown? Watch Jon Stewart's Video For The Snippets.