From The Mouth Of A Terrorist

Man outside Mariupol city hall. 

“Since we’re attacking, there is no sense to have peace talks now,” Aleksandr Zakharchenko
On Friday January 23rd while talks were underway to stem the violence in Ukraine, the “So Called” leader of the Putin Russian Terrorists had other ideas…

Alexsander Zakharchenko was trying to use casualties in Donetsk as his reasoning to refuse peace talks when in fact he is doing Putin’s bidding and to try and boost his pathetic ego.   So a day later the Terrorist Zakharchenko, following Vladimir Putin’s will, shelled innocent civilians in the port city of Mariupol in order to beef up his childish ego.  30 innocent civilians, including children, lost their lives and over 100 were wounded by this cowardly terrorist act. Mariupol with being on the coast of the Sea of Azov is just one link in the chain that Putin needs in order to reach Crimea, which Putin illegally annexed last year.

International Condemnation

Condemnation from the International Community was swift including a statement from Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy chief.  Oleksander Turchynov, secretary of Ukraine’s National Defense Council, described the incident as “another bloody crime against humanity committed by the Russian military and the bands of terrorists under their complete control.”

“I join my European counterparts in condemning in the strongest terms today’s horrific assault by Russian-backed separatists on civilian neighborhoods in Mariupol… We call on Russia to end its support for separatists immediately, close the international border with Ukraine, and withdraw all weapons, fighters and financial backing,” US Secretary Of State John Kerry

The Putin DenialMinistry Of Foreign Affairs - Latvia

Vladimir Putin seems to be under the delusion that we are living in the 1950’s and that his lying propaganda is not subject fact checking and proof.  The world is now filled with cameras everywhere and people connected through the internet.  If Russian Soldiers Are Not In Ukraine, then why was one captured and his Russian passport and with duplicate ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ identification documents?

Russian & Donetsk People's Republic Documents

Putin has proven before that he is nothing but a bully terrorist on some sort of sick agenda.  We already know that Putin has committed war crimes and atrocities in Chechnya and this terrorist has no problem doing it again in Ukraine, and today his hand puppet just proved it.

Putin has a very specific goal with all of this and those mindless separatists have been spoon-fed lies for the last couple of years creating this environment, and they are willfully doing his bidding oblivious to what the end game is. I know for a fact having been to Crimea a number of times that Putin wants to control the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. I’m not surprised by the attack on Mariupol and if allowed, they will continue south to meet up with Crimea. He wants everything east of the Dniper River so that he had direct access to Crimea and the Black Sea. Then he will set his sites on the port city of Odessa and sweep into Romania if this is allowed to continue. The US and EU had better wake up, ratchet up sanctions even more and start providing military assistance to Ukraine.