Vladimir Putin – Lying Murderer Supporting Terrorism

This past week the world stood in solidarity against the Terrorist Murders at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in France. Make no mistake, this sign of unity from people around the world sends a clear message to Terrorists.  Yet less than 2,000 miles away near Donetsk Ukraine a commuter bus full of civilians traveling between Maripol and Donetsk on a well known “Civilian Highway” was attacked by a Russian Multiple Rocket Launcher operated by Pro-Russian Terrorists and the Russian Military supporting these Terrorists.  The Source of the BM-21 ‘Grad’ Multiple Rocket Launcher was located in Alexandrynivka, a village near Dokuchaevs’k.

Wiki Entry “On January 13, A bus was carrying civilians from the government-held city of Mariupol on the Donetsk-Mariupol highway (H20). Meanwhile, Rebel forces tried to shell government positions near the Buhas Checkpoint, which is 35 km of the rebel held city of Donetsk. The checkpoint was also near the government held town of Volnovakha. Donetsk Prosecutor’s Office reported that rebels fired more than 40 shells on the highway despite knowing the fact that it had been used only by civilians. At this point, according to local police, the rocket attack then went astray, and hit the bus. 10 People were killed on the spot, 20 people were injured, 2 of them died afterwards in hospitals. Vyacheslav Abroskin, leader of the Donetsk Interior Ministry, said “It was a direct hit on an intercity bus.”

Just Like in the Offices of Charlie Hebdo, 12 people were killed. In this Terrorist Attack 2 males, 1 child and 9 women civilians lost their lives to these murderous cowards supported by the biggest Terrorist Coward, Vladimir Putin!

Ukraine Commuter Bus

Where’s The Outcry For These 12 Murdered By Terrorists?

Of course, no surprise on the response, just like the downing of Malaysian Flight 17 that was shot down, These Coward Terrorist Rebel forces denied any involvement and said that the attack might have been staged by Ukrainian forces.  Problem is, the weapon that was used is a Russian made BM-21 Grad used exclusively by the Russian Military.

Not taking anything away from the tragedy in France at Charlie Hebdo where 12 innocent people lost their lives to Terrorists.  I’m glad the world banded together to send a clear message.  But what about these 12 innocent people who were slaughtered by Russian Terrorists Headed by Vladimir Putin, the biggest Coward Terrorist of them all?  Why has the world looked the other way on this Tragedy?  We know who the Terrorist Leader is in this case, yet the world looks the other way.  These senseless acts of Cowardly Terrorism must Stop!