Ah the Conservatives! If someone gave them a pair a scissors they’d fall on them tripping over their continual and flaming Hypocrisy! Their Ignorance not only domestic issues is pathetic, but their International Ignorance is purely laughable. Yeah, that Putin Fellow is such a great leader and according to Representative Mike Rogers…

Given these Numbers from Trading Economics, it appears to be the other way around and Putin is really sucking at playing marbles. 

Amazing how much and how frequently Conservatives are on the wrong side of History. It has always been said that “Fox News Makes You Stupid Enough To Vote Republican…” Can you imagine how utterly Stupid and Ignorant you have to be for being interviewed on Fox News then?

US Statistics

Consumer Confidence Business Confidence

Russia Statistics

Russian Consumer Confidence Russian Business Confidence

Ukraine Eagle




“Putin Is Playing Chess And Obama Is Playing Marbles…”

Mike Rogers


So Let Me Get this Straight… Republicans And Conservatives Claim Obama Is A Socialist, So Therefore They Hate Him And What He Stands For According To Them… “Socialism.” But Obama Has Failed At Socialism And Excelled At Capitalism… But Republicans And Conservatives LOVE Vladimir Putin, A Socialist Promoting Socialism!