Having been involved with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people for over 10 years, which also includes trips to Ukraine, it gives me a unique perspective of this country and the people who live there.  Additionally, in researching articles about Ukraine I get lucky sometimes and find those unique perspectives offered by people who are really not tied to corporate media.

Freelance Ukrainian Photographer Maia Mikhaluk

I did get lucky and found a great revealing insight written by a Ukrainian woman which first showed up on CNN’s iReports to be later added  to CNN News. Maia Mikhaluk is a freelance photographer in Ukraine and her insights, based on my own observations, parallels my views based on my own experiences.

Below is an excerpt from Maia’s story on CNN.  You can click this quotation to go to the full CNN Article.

A Divided Ukraine? Think Again

Maia is very correct, in that, people in Ukraine do not think twice about the language differences. In 2009 I met my friend Olya from Yalta which is in the Crimea region, but she was kind enough to meet me in Kiev.  Olya speaks Russian and English and in Kiev when she asked for directions for various places from Ukrainian speaking people, it was no problem at all and not even noticeable.  They understood her and she understood them.

Unfortunately Vladimir Putin has been greasing the Ukrainian Propaganda for the division of Ukraine for a number of years.  Victor Yanukovych is nothing more than a Putin Puppet, and this plan for the Russians to invade Crimea has been a plan in place from the time Yanukovych won the election in 2010.  From throwing Yulia Tymoshenko into prison to turning down acceptance into the European Union was a plan hatched by Putin and Yanukovych even before he took the post as the President of Ukraine.

If you look at the protests in Kiev and the timing of Yanukovych’s departure from Kiev, it coincided with the ending of the Olympics in Sochi.  After all, if Putin had invaded Crimea during the Olympics in Sochi, it would have been a disaster for him.

I truly hope that Maia is correct in her assessment, but unfortunately the cards have been stacked against the people in Crimea. There are reports that the small number of Ukrainian speaking people in Crimea have been target and their passports have either been confiscated or destroyed by the Russian military preventing their ability to vote. Additionally there are reports that this referendum that is to be voted on by the people has two choices. They can either vote to be part of Russia or vote to be part of Russia… There is no option for them to chose Ukraine. The G7 and the European Union has stated that they will not recognize or support this vote and that it is illegal and violates the Ukrainian Constitution. Of course Vladimir Putin could not care less. He wants Crimea and he will do whatever is necessary to get it and get tighter control of the Black Sea.

Vladimir Putin Hypocrisy on Ukraine