The Apple Sheeple Hypocrites

We’ve all seen the images and videos of all the little Apple Zealots lining up for the Next Big Thing from Apple like a bunch of mindless sheep lining up for the slaughter.  Technically, that’s not far off, as we’ve all heard the idiom “A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted…”  The most recent iPhone, the iPhone 5, is even bigger proof of this saying, due to the fact Apple changed the connector plug making all the toys you purchased to work with your pathetic iPhone 4 obsolete.  Oh, wait… You can purchase a handy dandy adapter plug to make that design failure work with all the garbage you already invested in, how quaint!

Now Apple finally got caught, sort of speak, with their criminal hands in the cookie jar, and of course all the little zealots are crying foul and that it is the US Tax Code that caused Apple to not only ship jobs overseas, but to also off-shore their profits in foreign countries. Really? So because Apple was being way overtaxed by the US Tax Code, it forced them to outsource American Jobs overseas?  That’s funny, as I don’t ever recall Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak going before Congress in the early stages of their booming company telling Congress that if the Tax Code was not changed, they would be forced to move all their manufacturing overseas.  Why? because the US Tax Code made it easy for them to ultimately hire slick lawyers, find the loopholes, and avoid paying taxes, which is Exactly WHY they have all this money in off-shore accounts.

So we have this big corporation that is tagged as the “Most Valuable” technology company and one of the Richest corporations reporting about $118 Billion in total equity in 2012, essentially paying next to nothing in taxes in ANY Country.  Well no wonder they are so valuable and have so much money, especially when you add the fact that their trash is being made in China with very cheap labor.

So how does that make YOU feel Mr. & Mrs. America? YOU are paying YOUR Taxes and barely making it from paycheck to paycheck and Apple took all the jobs overseas and essentially paying next to nothing in Taxes. Oh, and I would bet that most of the people reading this have Apple products, so it is YOU who are fueling this criminal activity and giving Apple a free ride and all this money.  I see So many people trying to fight for a better America and yet, they are probably standing in protest lines holding an iPhone or iPad or both. The real crack up is, Apple is now behind the curve in the technology race and yet people just keep lining up buying their garbage, that is employing Chinese Workers, paying little to no taxes.

The Tim Cook Spin Cycle

Of course we all know that Cooked Tim Cook has been coached by all his slick lawyers who he can easily pay for, to twist the facts just as a spider spins his web.  Our friends at Mother Jones cuts through the Tim Cook BS in their reporting.

The Apple Spinsters

Still Buying Apple?

I know I won’t and I don’t own one single Apple product, for a number of reasons beyond job outsourcing and tax evasion.  But, you have to seriously ask yourselves that in a time when more Americans have lost their jobs over the past 20 years, coupled with Apple blatantly doing everything to avoid paying taxes, how American are they?  More and more money is being cut from important programs for our children as well as teachers for our children, the same children who are the future of this country.  But I will not, in any way support the richest technology company who has sold American jobs out and who is doing everything to avoid paying taxes. Is it any wonder why American Cities and States cannot afford to function as they once did due to the Rotten Apples in the barrel who are nothing but a criminal cancer.

So the next time You feel like lining up to buy the latest from Apple, perhaps you should first ask yourself if you really need it, and ask yourself if you want to be supporting a blatant anti-American company robbing from yours and your children’s future.


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