In the last 4 and 1/2 years of paying attention to the political beast in this country, I’ve witnessed some of the most bizarre and ludicrous examples human stupidity in my life. Having said that, it seemed appropriate to compile an ongoing list of some of the major examples in somewhat a satirical way. But, make no mistake, the Republican Party and it’s extreme views is leading this country down a path to calamity.

John McCain on UN Ambassador Susan Rice

Just recently the tired old fool Senator John McCain has made comments about UN Ambassador Susan Rice in defending his position in blocking Ambassador Rice from taking the Secretary of State position being vacated by outgoing Hillary Clinton.

John McCain stated the following about Ambassador Susan Rice…

John McCain on Susan Rice

Okay, So let us just check the credentials of UN Ambassador Susan Rice and see if Senator John McCain knows what he is talking about.  After all, a mature wise Senator who has served in Washington for so many years should be tuned in to be flinging these sorts of comments… Right?

UN Ambassador Susan Rice

Well this is interesting, John McCain does not think Ambassador Susan Rice is “Qualified” or “Very Bright” and yet her prestigious records speak for themselves. So we have a woman who has received the Truman Scholarship and the most difficult Scholarship, The Rhodes and she holds a BA, Masters, and Doctorate.

So what are John McCain’s qualifications to make such an assessment? Well he holds ZERO Degrees and HE finished 894th out of 899 in his graduating class at the US Navel Academy, so at the bottom of the pack and almost dead last. Yeah I can see where Senator McCain is coming from… NOT!

The Unbelievable Irony!

Clearly this is not the first time that Senator John McCain has showed his colors from the Republican Alternate Universe, but this one is just truly unbelievable, especially when you consider who this man picked for his Vice Presidential running mate in 2008, Sarah Palin.  Sarah Palin is to be considered the dumbest woman in America and yet John McCain felt that she was “Qualified” and “Bright Enough” to hold the second highest political position in the United States.  Yet, UN Ambassador Susan Rice is too stupid to be the Secretary of State, a mere cabinet position.

Sarah Palin must have stellar credentials to be “Smart Enough” to command the second highest political position in America.  So what are these credentials other than folksy one liners?

Sarah Palin Education

I believe it is easy to see that Senator John McCain IS living in an Alternate Universe, because ANYONE who feels that Sarah Palin is “Brighter” than UN Ambassador Susan Rice, when the facts are presented, are clearly living in that same Nut Job Universe that John McCain lives in.

John McCain Trainwreck