Carnival/Twitter Barker

Well it’s clear that Macy’s is not in for a “Merry Christmas” as when you have a cocky, outspoken political moron as one of your retail spokespeople, the results can be a bit different than expected.Macy's Recommended Score

As of this writing, there has been over 675,000 signatures requesting that Macy’s end their relationship with their loose cannon. But also as of this writing, Macy’s management has stood by their decision to continue supporting an individual that is more than this loose cannon, but a pompous ass that is a magnet for absurd conspiracy theories.

The fact that The Donald is so “gullible” to such childish nonsense about the President can mean only one of two things. Either he is a hard core racist, or he is not as smart as he professes himself to be. I think it is a third option, All of the above.

When Trump stuck his neck out there about this whole Right Wing Birther nonsense, he made a real fool of himself for even aligning with such childish racism. Personally I’m still waiting for that “Report from his Investigators on the Ground in Hawaii” that will be a game changer. The absolute comical reality here is, these investigators enjoyed a very nice vacation in Hawaii at Donald Trump’s expense. Dear Donald… What say You about this “Report” on President Obama’s Birth Certificate?

In the infamous words of former Texas Governor Ann Richards about George Bush… “Poor George… He can’t help it… He was born with a Silver Foot in his mouth!” It appears that “The Donald” suffers from the same affliction.

Donald Trump Twitter TiradeIf all of this was not bad enough, all you have to do is add Trump’s ballistic tirade on Twitter following the shellacking of his candidate in the November 2012 Election, at the hands of President Barack Obama and the Middle Class of America. That must have really hurt, as the simple middle class just kicked the asses of these pompous Right Wing Billionaire Nut Jobs.

The Crack up here is Trump said in one of his Twitter Tirades the “The World is Laughing at Us…” You are right Donald… The World and all the “Normal” people of the world are laughing their asses off at all You Rich One Percent numbskulls who put your trust and all your political money into the hands of the Serial Swift Boat Liar Karl Rove. The fact that you did proves that You All did not learn Your Lessons from the 2008 debacle. Are You stupid enough to hire this loser in 2016 when Hilary Clinton kicks the Republican asses again? Probably.

By the way Donald… Did You and the Koch Head Twins know that Karl Rove is really an undercover IRS Agent and You and all your Billionaire pals just paid the first ever “1% Election Tax?” That’s has to suck!

Birther Bat Boy