“Legitimate Rape?” … “A Gift from God?”

According to Republicans and the extremist positions they are pushing, the brutal and violent rape of a defenseless woman is not only “Legitimate” but a “Gift from God.” For ANYONE to suggest that the brutal violation of a woman is Legitimate and the results are a Gift from God has serious mental and moral rights issues; and these extremist views cannot be supported in any way, and as a moral society everything should be done to stop this lunacy. Unfortunately the Radical Right now being led by Mitt Romney will continue on this path until they have accomplished every insane agenda that they support.

The Republican War on Women

Mitt Romney said in a statement that he does not support these views and left it at that. ANY MAN with a shred of moral civility, especially one seeking the highest office of the land,should have been on this denouncing these lunatics from HIS Party. In the case of Mitt Romney, he should have immediately denounced these statements and withdrew his support of such callous lunacy immediately. But, he did not, after all, these are his soldiers that will help further the extreme evangelical right’s agenda and without them, Mitt Romney will not be able to push this immoral, violent, and extreme agenda pushing this country back to the 1920’s.

For ANY Man in this country with women in their life, be that a living mother, sister, wife, or daughter who will cast a vote supporting this extremist agenda, will get his in the end. For a man to place his racism and hatred for Barack Obama over and above the security, safety, and lives of the women in his life, is not only a Racist, filled with hate, but a Coward. Because if a man does not have the courage to step up and protect the women in his life, as well as THEIR Rights, then he is NO Man, but a Shameful Coward.

Romney Flips on Contraception Romney Flips on Abortion

So are You Republican men Racist Cowards come November, or do you have the courage, conviction, and moral civility to do the right thing and protect the women in your life from such extremist attacks against those women you “claim” to love? We shall see, but I have a feeling the “Cowardice” in You will show up at the voting booth, as You all Hate President Barack Obama more than You Love the Women in Your Life, and that is truly sad indeed, and speaks volumes of YOU as a “Man.”

Gift From God Rape