First, Prevent women from any forms of contraception and have bills to encourage Rape. Why? To keep all women barefoot and pregnant and living on the fringe of poverty to ultimately be the never ending supplier of young sons and daughters to satisfy the insatiable thirst for War. Since families will be living on the fringe of poverty, the GOP War Machine will gladly pay these young Americans a pittance to put their lives on the line for some egotistical, saber rattling, spineless old politicians who want to rid the world of everyone who is not white and Evangelical Christians. 

To feed their insatiable thirst for blood and bodies of non-white evangelicals and their greed to control all the dirty oil on the planet, they will mirror the fear monger propaganda of Adolf Hitler such as WMD’s or pending Nuclear threat by a piss ant country barely a few steps out of the 18th century.

By eliminating the Department of Education and throwing all tax revenue to War Monger Government Contractors instead of education, future generations will not be able to compete in a world marketplace nor will they be smart enough to question the decisions being made, and jobs will be continually outsourced to other countries. Of course this puts more and more people homeless and living on the streets, and with the elimination of the EPA protecting water and the food supply, the super rich will use the homeless to test the safety of the limited water and food that is available.

Since most people will not be able to afford transportation or fuel for heat, the dwindling unregulated oil that is left will be able to sustain the super rich with their cars, personal planes, and ships. Meanwhile Global Warming has exceeded the tipping point and there is massive drought destroying most of the food chain and clean water and spurring super storms killing hundreds of thousands.

And since Corporations “Are People” and are allowed to spend any amount of money to put stupid white evangelicals into power, there will be no end to the destruction of the planet and humanity.

The GOP Agenda by Sean Bond