When Money and Greed Trumps Care and Compassion of Our Fellow Man?

Today I was reminded why I live my life the way that I do and why I would never be a cold, cruel, heartless and greedy Conservative. Just what does it say about our humanity when it is far more important to defeat health care for all, leaving women and young children in harms way, because Republicans “Don’t Believe in handouts?” Yes this is their mantra and when they have reached the brainwashing and greed of money to the point and openly gay man says on national television … “I’m a Republican and I don’t believe in handouts.” I hate to burst Survivor Colton’s bubble, but Republican’s believe gay people are an abomination of nature and should be exterminated, and yet this delusional ass puts his greed and money ahead of mankind even though the people and policy who he fervently supports, view him as an abomination of nature.

Thomas Jefferson on Money

The Reminder…

Today I was leaving the market after work, a day on the eve of SCOTUS deciding on the fate of the Affordable Care Act, a young woman who I later learned is 29 was crossing the main driveway of the market going to her car and I was a few steps behind her as traffic waited.  She crossed the driveway, paused, looked confused and called out to her mother and went into seizure and dropped to the pavement before I could get a firm hold on her, and her face hit first on the pavement. I gently rolled her over and she was in a pool of blood from striking the pavement and yelled out for someone to call for help. About this time her mother arrived and was holding her head and hands while the seizure continued. Because her hands were clenched and tight to her chest because of the seizure, the knuckles on her hands had the skin torn away from the fall. When the ambulance arrived, the mother tried to downplay the event to the paramedics stating that she would be alright… Why, I thought to myself, is this mother taking this stand with her daughter’s care, who also did not have seizure medication??? Her daughter did not have Health Care/Health Insurance!!!


The Evangelical Right Wing has been ramming their religion down our throats claiming that “America is a Christian Nation,” which it is not; and that how religion is part of our political state of mind, which it is not, but in their delusional, brainwashed mind I guess so; and that prayer should be allowed in public schools and schools should teach “Creationism,” and so on… And yet, at the end of the day, “They” do NOT believe in “Handouts.”  This of course is part of their battle cry against the Affordable Care Act and ultimately the most hypocritical jab at their fundamental belief system… Being Christians!

Well if being “Christian” means being a gun toting Aryan Whitie who doesn’t believe in handouts or healthcare for everyone, then I’m proud to be a Whitie, Atheist Liberal, as unlike these “Christian” Right Wingers, I care more for my fellow man than I do about the options for my next Ferrari, but that’s me.

The Elderly