FOX The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

You have to seriously love the knuckleheads at FOX, as they are better than the best fiction writers on the planet. In this latest debacle with this attack ad against the President; I’m not sure who is dumber, the producer who put this fairy tale together without permission, or the three stooges on FOX and Friends for showing an unauthorized attack ad. They have already pulled the video, but that did not stop it from being collected.

Talking Point Fairy Tales

There are two certainties in today’s political world; FOX with their propensity for Talking Point Lies and the other is the Gullibility of the ignorant stoops who believe lies over documented and undeniable facts. This stupid producer stepped into it put together a collage of fairy tale lies that will be proven to be blatant lies. So let’s go to the video first and I’ll meet you on the back side turning their little video into Swiss Cheese!

Debunking Fairy Tales With the Facts

This silly and pathetic video with absolutely no references to who they derived their numbers should speak volumes, and it’s standard behavior for conservative Pinocchios. But you cannot expect much from conservative numbskulls.

The National Debt

Well the one fact that is true here is the approximate amount of the debt, but they are trying to make you believe that the President and his policies alone has caused the national debt to be increased. What they don’t tell you is a large amount of that debt is to pay just the interest on the George Bush & Republican Spending Spree and borrowing from China and YOUR Social Security! Here’s their cute graphic with no reference to where they got their numbers.

The National Debt

What they also fail to mention that it was in fact Ronald Reagan who increased the national Debt by a whopping 189% all thanks to that novel idea of Trickle Down Economics that is nothing but an utter failure. So the Republicans are All in with regards to Billionaire and Millionaire Government Welfare with the promise it will “Create Jobs!” Well that lie has been proven wrong over and over again. In fact the largest contributor to the national debt outside of their insatiable thirst for constant war, are the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich and this chart proves it.

Deficit Chart Budget Deficit Stimulus

We can see by the other chart that the Stimulus put into place by the President was an insignificant 4 % compared to Bush’s spending habits which caused this country huge financial harm. The other thing to keep in mind here is the fact that for the first 6 months of Fiscal 2012 this country paid out nearly $105 Billion in interest payments for the Bush Spending Spree. We can see in the chart below just which President is the big spender here.

Bush Obama Spending Chart

The Jobless Rate

Once again, as always, the Right Wing Brigade live for distorting the actual facts and they can never provide sources of their pathetic numbers. It is also amazing what short memories or selective memory they have as to who in fact was the numbskull who almost pushed this country off the edge into the pit of complete failure and nearly a second depression. It was in fact the handiwork of George W. Bush and the Republicans who took a deficit surplus left by Bill Clinton and erased that surplus and created the largest deficit in the history of this country. There is no way they can ever get around that other than to try and distort actual facts.

The FOX Jobless Fairy Tale

Here we see their pathetic graphics that most grade school children can put together with construction paper, scissors, and some glue. Again it is important to point out that it was George Bush and the Republicans who put all these people out of work and it has been the President who has “TRIED” to turn the economy around and the Republicans have done nothing but block every effort.  Why? Well they make it very clear “It’s our job to make sure that President Obama is a one term president…” So the Republicans could not care less about the American people and they only care about making President Obama a One Term President.

Of course they will continue to beat the dead horse about the Keystone Pipeline which does absolutely NOTHING for America. Even that Mormon Moron Mittens Romney is claiming to make that debacle happen. Perhaps after you READ the FACTS about Keystone, you will understand why it is so bad for America!

Dear FOX and Friends… Try THESE Facts backed up by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics!

Bureau of Labor & Statistics Jobs Report Graph

Just so WE are Clear on OUR Facts here are three more charts from Trading Economics that clearly show this same trend as above. You just might want to ask yourselves the following question…

“WHY does the Right NEVER show REAL Facts backed up by statistical, indisputable data?” Because they have NOTHING but Propaganda LIES that follow the same methodologies of the Nazis

US Unemployment Rates Graph

US Business Confidence Graph

US Industrial Production Graph

Gas Prices

What an absolute laugh on this FOX Talking Point Lie! First and foremost, NO President in the history of this country has affected or directed the pricing on this global commodity. For these numbskulls to suggest that gas prices are the Presidents fault just proves how stupid they are. Added to this, just like with there other first grader graphics, there is no cited source to their laughable information.

Fox New Gas Prices Fairy Tale

So in the delusional little minds of the FOX Fallacy trio, also known as the Three Stooges, It is there pathetic belief that gas prices were at $2.50 a gallon. Funny how indisputable statistics from multiple sources show that towards the end of the Bush Presidency (An Oil Man BTW) was the highest in the history of this country with a national average of $4.16 a gallon. So that one fact pretty much makes the FOX Stooges look like horse’s asses with this stupid graphic. Even after 3+ years of the Obama Presidency and not even counting the normal rate of inflation, gas at the pump is STILL Lower than when George W. Bush left office!  Oh and here is my graph cited from a reliable source below.

EIA Weekly Gas Price Graph

Food Stamps

Yet another one for the funny papers. Isn’t it amazing how these numbskulls ALL Feel that it is President Obama who has caused and put all these people on Food Stamps. In Fact it was George W. Bush who put all these people on Food Stamps. Again that brainless dip took a record surplus created by Bill Clinton and the Democrats, Erased it and created a $10 Trillion Dollar Deficit and that was all achieved in just 8 years.

George W. Bush the Food Stamp President looked into Newt Gingrich’s campaign claim that Barack Obama had put more people on Food Stamps than any President in American history.  found his claim was false. More people we put on the EBT debit card program that replaced Food Stamps under George W. Bush than Obama.

Again let us keep in mind that during George W.  Bush’s last year in office the amount of people receiving EBT tripled and the fact Bush inherited a $236 billion surplus from Bill Clinton, Obama inherited a $5 trillion deficit and a recession from Bush!

So tell us FOX, do you have any more grade school productions full of lies to show or did Roger Ailes spank you for being so utterly STUPID!

Let us finish with this Graph for the ignorant dolts at FOX… Considering these numbers, which party would you rather have in power for your S&P investments in the Stock Market? Seems to be a no brainer given this information, but that’s just me.

S&P Investment Chart by Political Party


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