Day One, The Delusion

The Romney Myth Machine has launched a new political video called “Day 1″ about what “President Romney” would do when he gets to the White House.  When I heard the fairy tales being touted, I knew I had a golden opportunity blow holes in the propaganda fallacy. After all, we exist to spank lying and delusional politicians. Let’s go to the video…

“President Romney” APPROVES The Keystone Pipeline!

Just WHY is this pipeline SO Critical for the GOP? Republicans have tried to sneak and play games and tie other legislation to this debacle for more than a year now, WHY? If you know any of the detailed facts about this pipeline and add the overwhelming support by Republicans, there is more here than kissing the asses of big oil. But first things first… “President Romney” does NOT Approve Legislation, he merely signs it into law. Congress (House and Senate) have to jointly pass approval of the Keystone Pipeline and that will not happen. So LIE One DAY One he cannot do squat about Keystone and he knows it.

Then the video claims that “Approving” Keystone will create THOUSANDS of jobs! LIE Two DAY One.  Try this “President Romney…”

Keystone Jobs, The Facts

Well here are some additional alarming facts about the Canadian Tar Sands and the Keystone XL Pipeline that should put more things into perspective.

But there is still this nagging question as to Why the Republicans Are So Obsessed with this Pipeline. Perhaps these Questions and FACTS will give you a clearer picture!

  • Why is this pipeline going all the way to Houston and Port Arthur in the Gulf versus building a new Super Refinery just over the border of Canada in the plains in Montana? Why Put the largest fresh water aquifer at risk and carry that corrosive heavy tar sand at high pressure across the plains of the US? Answer coming!
  • Who is the largest investor in the Canadian Tar Sands? Answer… China!
  • Who is building a new fleet of Oil Super Tankers? Answer… China!
  • When will the widening of the Panama Canal project be completed? Answer… 2014
  • When is the projected finish of the Keystone XL Pipeline slated for completion? Answer… 2014
  • Who Borrowed Money from the Chinese to Fund 2 expensive wars? Answer… George Bush a Republican
  • Who is beholding to the Chinese for the War Loans? Answer… The Republicans
  • Now, Considering all these FACTS… Why are The Republicans obsessed with Keystone XL? Answer… To get the Chinese Tar Sand to the Gulf Of Mexico to offload the Chinese Tar Sand onto the Chinese Super Tankers that will be able to navigate the new Widened Panama Canal and back to China. Any Questions?

“President Romney” Introduces Tax Cuts for Job Creators!

I’m not sure whether to roll on the floor in a hysterical laugh or just plant my face into the palm of my hand.  Is this the ONLY Tune these moronic Republicans know how to play?  Ahhhh Trickle Down Economics Ring a Bell? Perhaps someone should Ring Romney’s Bell.

So Basically it’s Republican Business as usual wanting the Rich and Corporations to continue getting all the tax cuts while they conveniently ship any of the jobs left overseas. The Amazing thing here is This SAME Nonsense has NOT Worked for YEARS and what Romney is proposing is Bush II, as again it is the same Republican Line just coming from the mouth of a new Super Rich Puppet.

Essentially Romney is telling you that he wants to give a free ride to the top 10% in this country who just happen to own 2/3 of this country with the promise of jobs and prosperity, which is the same line as George Bush. If you are in the Middle Class and You vote for this numbskull that is a line for line repeat of the Republican Line for the last 4 decades, then you deserve everything you get. The Data and statistics are overwhelming that “Tax Cuts for the Rich” DO NOT Create Jobs and these charts and data prove it. In fact the S&P Annual Return since 1929 has shown an annualized return under Republican Presidents to be 0.4% and under Democratic Presidents it has been 8.9% and YOU Still want to vote for Mittens?

The Epic Failure of Republican Trickle Down Economics

Romney Vulture