The GOP Clown Circus Is Over…

GOP Clown Mittens Romney

Well Sort of… There is one Clown Still Standing and make no mistake, this out of touch multimillionaire only cares about Oil, Wars, and the top 10 percent of this country. I mean seriously, how can you forget this line…

Corporations are People My Friend!

Well this clueless out of touch rich dolt is NOT My Friend and he can just go back to living in his mansions being served by his butlers and maids and return to his Vulture Capitalist bullshit.

Game On…

So now this Clueless Dipshit, Mormon Moron who could not even beat Grandpa Gumby McShame the last time around, THINKS he can take on the President! I wonder if he’ll use “I’ll Bet You…” in any of the debates when the President will proceed to mop the floor with him?

You can be certain that he will be relying on the New KKK called the RRR (Republican Religious Racists) for support as we all know that group cannot stand the fact that there is a Black Man in the White House. Well the rest of us cannot stand Pompous Rich Racists who love war, big oil, and who has hatred for the middle class, in the White House.

Obama Isn't Working

And now we come to His/Their Tag Line of…  “Obama Isn’t Working!” REALLY? God they are so pathetic and so ignorant that it isn’t even funny any longer. Some time back Dr. Robert Watson from Lynn University in Florida provide me with a list of President Obama’s accomplishments in just the first 18 months in office. Then we know what happened after the disastrous 2010 Mid Term when the Republicans and Tea Baggers gained control of the House and tried to stop everything citing “We want Obama to be a One Term President!” So basically Fuck America and the recovery, as our agenda is clearly set.

Thankful for Friends!

A friend recently provide something that will tie this discussion together… Thanks AB!

The Bush/Cheney Republican Disaster

Here is that reminder to us ALL what happen on that November day in 2008. If You care, this will happen again because of YOU and Your vote, as WE want to stop the Wars on other countries, War on Women, War on the Middle Class, and War on the Planet and Environment. Please Vote in 2012 and send a clear message!