LIAR or Just Plain Gullible?

Well with “The Donald” it’s a bit of both and there is some ego inflation sprinkled in, and of course holding onto his money. Yeah you can be certain that at the end of the day the Tea Turd Trump pays ZERO Taxes just like his Billionaire buddies the Koch’s. Of course the Barker goes on camera being rude and condescending to who ever is doing the interview bragging that he has released his financials like he’s this financial God. The Funny thing is Bill and Melinda Gates have given away more than Trump has ever made and Trump’s “Tax Free 7 Billion in wealth is pocket change to Bill Gates, and yet Bill Gates isn’t a Pompous Ass like Trump. Of course it’s easy to notice that Trump will never release how much he has paid in taxes as we all know the answer anyway.

Here is his recent interview on the Today Show and the Transcript is here

Well Enough About Bill Gates’ Pocket Lint

In the recent blast of Trump’s new Book promoted on NewsMaxiPad’s web site we find an excerpt from this trash can liner and that is the real focus here.  What will be shown here is a point by point break down of Trump’s blatant lies that cannot be disputed.

Trump's Plan

Trump’s Plan to Stop Obama

It’s difficult to figure out where to start considering all the fallacies that Donald Trump spews from his pathetic mouth, but we’ll give it a try.

Trump and all his little delusional Right Wing Nut Jobs have had a plan from the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency, so don’t let this little twerp try and fool you, as he isn’t fooling anyone with even half a brain. For clarification, there are three types of RWNJ’s…

  • The Racist – You know, the people who parade around in White Sheets, carrying torches and who burn crosses. These idiots think that the White Arian Master Race needs to be at the top of the food chain… You know, Just like Adolf Hitler and his pals. Of course their drive is they cannot stand the fact that there is a black man in the White House.
  • The 1% Super Rich – You know, the people who wipe their asses with $50 bills sitting in their ivory towers paying no taxes and treating the rest of the citizens in this country as gutter scum.
  • The 1% Super Rich Racist – You know, the people who are a hybrid of the other two. They still wipe their asses with $50 bills and firmly believe in the Master Race concept but will never be caught with the pointy white linen hat, as they just pay their subordinates to do the dirty. Charles and David Koch are the perfect example of this variation.

So The Donald is sort of the second one, but he’s not made it into the 1% elite yet, he’s in the next 9% of the top 10%. Besides, with his repeated bankruptcies and womanizing like his pal Newt Gingrich, he’ll never cross that last hurdle.

Why does Trump want to “Stop Obama?” Well the answer is real simple, he and his pals the Koch brothers have lived the last 11 years tax free under the Republicans and now that these prima donnas are being exposed and faced with having to finally pay taxes like the rest of us, they view Barack Obama as a threat to their way of life. This is why there is such an urgency to their agenda, as their time has run out, and If they cannot get a Republican in the White House as their next puppet, they are going to have to belly up to the bar and pay.

To show you how utterly stupid and obsessive Trump is about this, he even jumped on the Birther Bandwagon hoping he would hit the jackpot by spending some money to do some digging.  He even put his credibility on the line by appearing in front of the camera backing this effort. His feeling was if he spent some cash to try and bring Barack Obama down on the citizenship argument, that would be less he Carnival Barker Trumpwould need to spend later to pump up the Republican nominee, as they would be a shoe in.

Well that horses’ ass failed on that gamble and he was played the fool and tagged as a Carnival Barker by Barack Obama and that really pissed him off… Yes Donald, I can read you like an open book and I know how you think, and the Apprentice gave me the keys to your kingdom. You always said, information was the most valuable commodity, and your obsession for fame and notoriety gave me all I needed to know… Do You feel stupid yet? So tell me Donald… What’s the status of those private investigators on the ground in Hawaii with all these earth shattering clues to the President’s birth rights? Come on Donald, let’s hear it!  Just where is all this evidence proving that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii or the United States… What’s the matter? Cat got your crotch? Not only are you a pathetic Carnival Barker, but you are a fool to even buy into that Birther nonsense, and your credibility is in the toilet on that one alone.

Save America?

Donald, you could not save a Penguin in a poker game playing in your casino, so what makes you think YOU have the ability to “Save America?” Oh wait… I get it now… Save YOUR America, meaning the America for all you rich pompous asses who are clearly destroying this country.

So let’s talk about all your propaganda lies in your book that were featured on that Newsmax site. So is your little pea brain with the bird nest on top going to be able to handle this? Yes I know you pitch this crap so all the little right wing rats can drink your milk and honey bull shit, as the weak minded thrive on people like you to feed their delusional brainwashed belief system.

First of all, President Obama is not a disaster for America, he’s a disaster to all you  rich pompous thugs who refuse to pay your equal share of taxes. It’s all perspective Donald… Didn’t they teach you that in your ivy league schools? Perhaps you should ask for your money back.

Propaganda LIE Number One...

US Debit by PresidentWell one thing is for certain, these stupid Republicans all tow the same line and tell the same lies, making them very predictable. Donald, in the Information age and the power of the internet and the ability to research ANYTHING, are You really that stupid to publish blatant LIES? First the Birther fiasco and now Your “Book of Fables.” You know, I’m beginning to think that you are running neck and neck with Sarah Palin in the Stupid department. Perhaps you need to pull your nose out of politics where you are clearly a rookie and stick to playing reality television and monopoly.

Here are the indisputable FACTS Donald. It turns out that Ronald Regan, George HW Bush and George W Bush, all three Republicans, are responsible 66.4% of the deficit in this country and ALL other Presidents combined are responsible for 33.6%. So, in YOUR words Donald, it was the last three Republican Stooges who were in fact responsible for “saddling all this debt on our children and grandchildren.”

Propaganda LIE Number Two...

Not only is this a blatant LIE, but it is an insult to the citizens of this country and to the founding principles of this country. Donald Trump, You Sir, have reached a new low as if you could go any lower than you already have. President Obama Did NOT “go around the world apologizing for being the land of opportunity and freedom.” President Obama had to apologize for the treasonous war criminals George Bush and Dick Cheney for not only lying to the world about Iraq having WMD’s, but also committing crimes against humanity by using torture. George Bush and Dick Cheney put coalition partners in harm’s way and lives were lost as a result of George W Bush LYING to the World. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney will never again leave the borders and protection of this country, because if they do, they will be seized and tried for war crimes against humanity. You know it and everyone else knows it.

For the record Donald, after President Obama took office, the world has taken a more favorable attitude and view about the United States after the departure of George W. Bush.

Propaganda LIE Number Three...

US Price for Gas at the Pump 4 yearsOh Donald, I’m not sure what is greater on this one, your arrogance or your complete ignorance on this topic. Considering You are ALWAYS Arrogant, I think we’ll put you in the ignorant column on this one.

At the end of Oil Man George W. Bush’s Presidency, gas at the pump as a US Average was $4.12 per gallon. After GWB left office the price at the pump plummeted as seen in this chart below. In the almost 3 years Barack Obama has been President, that price at the pump has NEVER reached the level from when George Bush was in office. In fact, the national average for those 3 years comes out to be about $2.86 a gallon which is a SAVINGS to the American consumer at the pump for those three years of over $500 Billion based on the daily average consumption of gas at the pump being 380 million gallons.Countries America Imports Oil From

Additionally, your feeble little mind, like all Republicans, feel that most of our crude comes from the “Middle East,” when in fact it does not. Of course you war monger Republicans have brainwashed your little rat followers that this is the case so that it can justify your reasoning to have war with the Middle East. You even said this in your interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, as Iran is now in the crosshairs of the Republican War Machine. Below is a chart of where America gets its oil and as we can see very little comes from the Middle East.

Propaganda LIE Number Four...

Donald… Are You really that stupid to suggest such an asinine thing? Seriously, do ALL You Republicans take your stupid pills every time you are in front of a camera or write anything down? Now in the Republican way, you cagy morons speak in talking point generalities to get all your mindless rat followers to swallow your bullshit hook, line, sinker, and fishing pole. Of course us people with all the brains and the facts love making you look like a fool.

All these billions in stimulus money to President Obama’s friends and supporters? Yeah, okay… You mean the American Middle Class Voting Public, right? The same people you rich pompous asses screwed out of their retirements and 401K’s by all your risky “Unregulated” investments that caused the collapse of the financial house of cards. By the way, just WHO was responsible for all the banking deregulations and the start of the dominos falling in the financial sector? The Republicans! What? Did you think we all forgot about that little debacle called Lincoln Savings and Loan and Charles Keating? Let’s go to the video shall we?

Keating Economics

Letting WHO Foot the Bill?  You mean you and your billionaire buddies, right? Well wasn’t it you, the Republicans and your billionaire pals the one who created the mess in the first place? Do you expect us to believe that you’ve paid ANY bill to the Federal Government, specifically a tax bill? Everyone knows that billionaires like you and the Koch twins never pay any taxes. If you did, release your tax records for the past 7 years… I dare YOU!Budget Deficit and Stimulus Chart

Just so we clarify everything over this “stimulus” fairy tale that you conjured up, let’s take a look at this Stimulus Spending chart provided by The Cato Institute.

What’s Donald Trump’s Motive?

The answer is pretty simple and can be found in the theme song of his failing reality show… MONEY! It is money and the desire to give none of it to the government. In other words… Greed!  People like Donal Trump, David & Charles Koch are the cancer in this country and they will do anything and say anything to discredit a president for the people. These scum bags have one goal, that is to put their puppets in charge in the government so that they can continue not paying taxes and continue increasing their wealth at the expense of the middle class.

Time To Get Rich - Donald Trump