The Sexual Harassment DOPE

Well, just when you thought you’ve seen everything that the Republican parade of clowns could bring to the table, we now have a worthless piece of shit who is crying victim, and pretty much stating that his “accusers” are the perpetrators in these personal attacks against him. Of course there is the fully expected political tie claiming that this attack against him is from the Democrats.  The real crack up here is, NO ONE Manufactured the way this Ass treated women, he did that all on his own and this has nothing to do with the Democrats.

Sure is funny how the Republicans can go rabid on President Obama for over 3 years over his citizenship and the right STILL has not let this go. So it seems the Republicans love dishing out the Lies trying to undermine the President, but when there is legitimate proof (a pay off) of Herman Cain’s disgusting behavior towards women, Herman Cain and the Right cry victim and Democrat conspiracy.

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Dear Herman Cain… You ARE

  1. A Sexual Harassment Sexist ASS
  2. A Liar
  3. A Coward
  4. A Gutless, Spineless Chicken Shit
  5. A Repulsive Sexual Pervert
  6. NOT Man Enough to Admit Your Mistakes
  7. NOT Presidential
  8. The Male Version of Sarah Palin Blaming Everyone Else for YOUR Mistakes
  9. Most of All, the Epitome of the Republican Party and What They Stand For

Herman Cain - Liar and Pervert