Tar Sand, Keystone XL and China

There are several secrets about Canadian Tar Sand, Keystone XL, China, and the Panama Canal that EVERY American had better know. In fact, EVERY Citizen in the United States had better wake up to this ever expanding  Global Disaster and the blatant lies being fed by Big Oil and their little Whores the Republican Politicians in Washington. Once You see all the facts it will be very easy to “Connect the Dots” on the REAL Truth that Big Oil does NOT want You to know.

Tar Sand Mining - Alberta Canada

In Researching this, one thing has become apparent, it does not appear all the pieces have been put together to truly show the real picture in this very finely crafted assault on this planet, and the future of the Human Species. In fact, the magnitude in this is so significant and far-reaching that it makes the past 100 years of Big Oil look like a Sunday Picnic in a field of daffodils.

Let Us Summerize from the Start

  • Tar Sand Oil is the dirtiest and most costly form of crude oil.  The amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions increase per barrel compared to conventional crude is 3 to 1. It takes between700 and 1,500 cubic feet of Natural Gas to produce 1 barrel of Tar Sand Crude. It takes between 150 and 170 gallons of water to produce 1 barrel of oil from Tar Sand.  To date there has been over 200 square miles of Boreal Forests, Lakes and Wetlands cleared for Tar Sand Mining and expected to reach 1,150 square miles by 2030. There are to date, 20 square miles of expended waste water from the extraction process leaking 2.9 million gallons of polluted water per day.
  • There is a common myth propagated from Big Oil and the right that the production of Canadian Tar Sand will provide future supplies of oil for the USA. The fact is, the USA and now even Europe is rejecting this very pollutant form of crude oil. It is China who will in fact be the primary customer for this 3 times more pollutant form of crude. Why? Because of their larger thirst for oil coupled with no pollution standards in China makes it ideal and they are investing Billions to get all the rights to the Canadian Tar Sand.
  • The Propaganda from Big Oil and the right push the idea that the Keystone XL Pipeline is for the benefit of the US Consumer and Gas Prices. Really? If this were the case, then why is this Tar Sand being pushed all the way to the Houston Port Refineries versus just building a new super refinery over the border in Eastern Montana? Simple reasoning knowing the facts will tell you to off load this refined Tar Sand into Chinese Oil Tankers waiting in the Gulf off the coast of Texas. Isn’t it a coincidence that this proposed pipeline will be completed just before the Panama Canal Zone widening project will be completed in 2014? Of course this means that the new class of Super Tankers from China will be able to navigate the Panama Canal to get their refined Tar Sand waiting for them in Houston.
  • The Final Piece of the Puzzle? The Overwhelming push by the Republicans to eliminate the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) The utter irony here is, President Richard Nixon, a Republican, was the one who created the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. Here we sit forty years later and the top politicians in his own party are trying to dismantle it. In fact, EVERY GOP Presidential candidate is on record they want the EPA abolished. But Why? Well they “Claim” that it is a Jobs Killer. No, Big Oil and the Republicans are the Job Killers as they refuse to pursue clean energy. How many jobs could be created with research and development and the production and infrastructure needed for Hydrogen? How about putting in the infrastructure for electric cars? But of course, clean energy is not good, as it will put an end to the reasoning and purpose of the Military. If the United States is NOT Reliant on Oil from foreign countries, The Republicans will no longer have a reason to wage wars in foreign countries. That goes against the GOP creed and against the will of Big Oil and Military Contractors.

Big Oil and Republican Politicians

It has been well documented that Big Oil has Republican Politicians in their back pocket. Kuwait and Iraq has been the centerpiece of the Republican Storm Troopers and the pathetic fear mongering lies that the Bush and Bush incursions into Kuwait and Iraq were about terrorism. It was about Oil and removing a dictator who had his hands on the supply line valves and nothing else.

So what is Big Oil stating about the Canadian Tar Sands?

“The U.S. consumes 15 million barrels of oil each day and imports 11 million barrels. Americans have a choice: receive stable, secure oil from a friendly neighbour in Canada or continue to import higher priced ‘conflict oil’ from regions such as the Middle East and Venezuela – areas that are not friendly to the United States and do not share its values.”

Really? So the United States imports more “Higher Priced Conflict Oil from regions such as the Middle East and Venezuela?” Try LIE Number One and here is the source for the chart below which is the US EIA (US Energy Information Administration).

Republicans Against Clean Renewable Energy

That sounds like a strong statement, but, all you need to do is look at the facts to understand the pure truth and reality. Let us look at just one Republican, one running for the Presidential nomination, Michele Bachmann. Michele Bachmann’s assault on clean energy, energy conservation are purely nonsensical and bordering on lunacy. But, is it really nonsensical or is there a distinct and common agenda that the Republicans are pursuing?

Michele Bachmann and Light Bulb Agenda

So by Michele Bachmann’s logic we can make these similar assertions then…

  • Henry Ford did a pretty patriotic thing for this country by mass producing Model “T” automobiles, so therefore we should be free to all be driving Model “T” autos
  • John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert did a pretty patriotic thing for this country by building the first computer, so therefore it would be better for us to all have a computer that could fill our living rooms weighing 30 tons that could perform 5,000 simple math instructions a second versus a handheld smartphone capable of billions of instructions a second.

This list could go on for hours listing every great inventor and what they contributed for any given thing. But does this country want to move backwards as the Republicans want us to do… Doubtful. Here we can even see Ms. Bachmann’s assault on modern rail and transportation for not only the betterment of this country but for also the reduction of dependency on foreign oil. She was a co-author on this bill for the abolishment of regional rail in her state.

Bachmann's abolishment of Light Rail in Minnesota

But Why?

The answer is easy if you can see the common thread. The Republicans are AGAINST anything related to alternative energy, energy conservation, and coincidentally the EPA. Why? Because if the EPA keeps enforcing pollution standards and we keep moving further and further away from fossil fuel in favor of clean renewable energy, just where does that leave Big Oil? Answer… In the Shitter about to be flushed. If that happens the Republicans lose their big donator and their ability to destroy this country and planet.

How does Keystone XL Play in This?

Keystone is all part of the puzzle and many delusional and uninformed people in the USA feel that the Keystone XL Pipeline is for the benefit of America and the price of gas at the pump. Well anyone who believes this also believes in the tooth fairy. Just WHY is that pipeline going all the way to Houston? Answer… So that the Canadian Tar Sand can be loaded on Chinese Tankers waiting in the Gulf. But Why? Because Tar Sand is the dirtiest of all Oil products and is far more polluting and China does not have an “EPA” to monitor pollution in China. Most all of the mineral rights for the Canadian Tar sands have been purchased by the Chinese. Oh and by the way, the Chinese are in the process of building a fleet of the new Super Tanker Class ships for this oil, which by the way will be able to pass through the newly widened Panama Canal, which is scheduled for completion in 2014. Still believe this Tar Sand Oil will reduce the price at the pump for the USA?

So just why do you think the other reason is that the Republicans are assaulting the EPA?  Simple… If they are successful in dismantling the EPA, then Big Oil can jump into the Tar Sand business even more and sell the US Consumer a gasoline product that pollutes 3 times worse than normal crude oil. And since their are technically more reserves in Tar Sand than in all the crude in the Middle East. We sure will not run out, but, Global Warming will be escalated by 3 times the current rate…

Once Word Comes to Mind Here…