They Keep Going and Going…

Just when we thought this whole issue about the President’s Birth Certificate was over we get yet another video that surfaces claiming that the Long Form Birth Certificate is a forgery according to this “Expert” who “Does this for a Living…” Shall we go to the video?

OMG! Is this True? NOT!

All we need to do is start paying attention to all the pieces of information and spend about 30 minutes on Google uncovering this little conspiracy. Actually the more that gets uncovered, the more this could be qualified as an Act of Treason and Insurrection against a sitting President and the United States… Do I have your attention yet Albert? How about the attention of your father Curt? How about Michele Bachmann? Yes You heard right, Michele Bachmann as isn’t it curious this video first broke on CBS Minnesota and our friend Albert lives in Georgia. Coincidence, not when You consider Albert’s father Curt is a Defense Contractor for the Navy and we know the Republicans Love War and the War Machine. Am I getting anyone’s attention yet as to the motivation to this little fallacy?

Below we can see the YouTube Page and who Uploaded the video, Albert Renshaw. We also can notice that this video was featured on CBS Minnesota which is truly odd and that ties Michele Bachmann. That screen capture is below this one.

Albert Renshaw YouTube Video Info

Just isn’t it curious when you do a Google Search with “Renshaw Bachmann” how we immediately see them linked to the video above?

CBS Minnesota

The obvious thing we notice is the young voice on the video and of course the cocky statements how he seems to know everything and that he is an “Expert” and these tools are how “He makes a Living…” Of course we know the reason for all of this is to create this aura for the weak minded leaving them to believe “He can’t be wrong.” Well if this teenager is such an “Expert” then why did he have so much trouble even saying the words “Adobe Acrobat?” He also claims that this is “What he does for a Living…” Really? Sort of hard to believe a 16 year old kid who is still in school and probably living with his parents making a “Living” as a software expert. Here is a screen shot of his blog page and notice that it was last updated on March 4, 2011 and he clearly states he is 16 years old.

Albert Renshaw Blog Page

Next we see in his YouTube Channel in the main video at the time of capture it seems this young individual has a bit of an ego calling himself “Albert Einstein Renshaw…” Oh and there is his email address if you want to send him a love note.

Albert Einstein Renshaw YouTube

Next we can find his Facebook page where there is a picture with presumably his Mommy. He is a member of the “Hogworts School of Witchcraft” and still watching cartoons on television. We also notice bragging being the “CEO of Apps4Life LLC…” More on this in a moment.

Albert Renshaw Facebook

When one tries to go to this “Apps4Life” web site there are not any web pages and the domain is possibly expired. When I searched on the owner of the domain we see it was Curt Renshaw from Alpharetta Georgia who registered the domain and he is using his company’s email address as the contact email and the phone number also belongs to the company (678) 893-7900. Perhaps everyone would like to give them a piece of your mind!

Apps4Life Domain Information

Almost Done… Now we can see what Curt and Martha Renshaw do for a living. Well no surprise here, their company TCI is a Navy and Defense Contractor. What better to keep those Government dollars flowing if we start a conspiracy to not only try and take down a sitting President but to Insure that he cannot be elected in 2012. Can we see the ties yet?  Oh and let us just use our snappy son to put together the incriminating video so that no one is the wiser to the parent’s connection to the Navy and Defense.
Perhaps it is time to start arresting these traitors for trying to start a conspiracy against a sitting President and blatantly calling him a liar and that his Birth Certificate is a forgery for the purpose of financial gain.

TCI - Curt Renshaw

Finally, The Pièce de résistance!

This all brings us to this point… The Point where we PROVE that Young Albert Renshaw is a flat out Liar, that is if you have not figured it out by now. You have to be asking yourselves as to why this young 16 year old created this YouTube Video. Was it a way to garner attention? That might be part of it. But, I think the pure evidence speaks for itself, given his parents own a company that is tied to Military and Defense Spending by the Government. The Next Question is, How many Republican Members in Congress know about this latest game to try and bring down Barack Obama? Again, it sure is funny how this video at the top of this post is clearly linked to CBS in Minnesota, the same state where Michele Bachmann is from.

Now let us have a REAL Expert talk about this phony video that was created by Albert Renshaw and explain the reasons for the layers in the Birth Certificate. Of course this fully means one of two things… Either Albert Renshaw is not the “Expert” he claims to be or he felt that no one would question the Con he tried to pull of… Shall we go to the REAL Video?