The Holocaust Connection

The Holocaust is an event central to our understanding of western civilization, the nation state, and modern bureaucratic society as well as human nature. It was the premeditated mass murder of millions of innocent civilians. Driven by a racist ideology that regarded Jews as “parasitic vermin” worthy only of eradication, the Nazis implemented genocide on an unprecedented scale.

The Nazis defined Jews as a “race.” Regarding the Jewish religion as irrelevant, the Nazis attributed a wide variety of negative stereotypes about Jews and “Jewish” behavior to an unchanging biologically determined heritage that drove the “Jewish race,” like other races, to struggle to survive by expansion at the expense of other races.

The Nazis believed that superior races had not just the right but the obligation to subdue and even exterminate inferior ones. They believed that this struggle of races was consistent with the law of nature. For Hitler and other leaders of Nazi movement, the ultimate value of a human being lay not in his or her individuality, but in his or her membership in a racially defined collective group. The ultimate purpose of a racial collective was to ensure its own survival.

Maintaining race purity was important, according to Hitler and others, because mixing with other races would over time lead to bastardization and degeneration of a race to the point where it lost its distinguishing characteristics and, in effect, lost the capacity to effectively defend itself, thus becoming doomed to extinction.

The GOP / Tea Party take the same issue with the people in the Middle East, specifically people of the Muslim Religion. Just like the Nazis in their goal to eliminate the Jewish people, the Radical Christian Right want the elimination of people of the Muslim faith. We can clearly see this with war in Iraq and Afghanistan along with the desire to be at war with Iran. The Nazis felt that the Jewish People were a threat to the Nazis and Germany, just as we see the Religious Right’s belief that the Muslim People are a threat to Christianity and the United States.

At the time of this writing, there was only data over 2 years old through 2010 for the death and casualties toll to the Iraq and Afghanistan people. Total deaths through 2010 are 911,931 people and the total severe casualties through 2010 are 1,687,780.