The REAL Parallel FactsEqual Responsibility

The Right tries to associate President Obama and the Democrats as following the same path of Nazism or Communism and if you look in how they make these comparisons, it is always associated to the protection of the Rich so that the Rich don’t have to pay their equal share of the tax burden. Trying to promote “Equal Responsibility” has nothing to do with Hitler and/or Communism. This just goes to show you how inept the right are.

So let us look at the REAL Facts about the Right that shows a very close alignment to Hitler and his beliefs.

The Race Connection

Adolf Hitler, the Führer (Leader) of the Nazi party, formulated and articulated the ideas that came to be known as Nazi ideology. He thought of himself as a deep and profound thinker, convinced that he had found the key to understanding an extraordinarily complex world. He believed that a person’s characteristics, attitudes, abilities, and behavior were determined by his or her so-called racial make-up. In Hitler’s view, all groups, races, or peoples (he used those terms interchangeably) carried within them traits that were immutably transmitted from one generation to the next. No individual could overcome the innate qualities of race. All of human history could be explained in terms of racial struggle. Hence Hitler’s view of the Master Race of “Pure” superior beings.

Right's View of Obama

The current Religious Right and Tea Party exudes this same ideology and the pure fact that the Right hates the idea that there is a “Black Man” in the White House and the head of this country proves race hatred. The Right has done every dirty trick in the book to bring down this current President from the Birther debacle to the current effort of playing with the financial position of this country to lay blame on the President as their Birther effort failed.

The Nazis also adopted the social Darwinist take on Darwinian evolutionary theory regarding the “survival of the fittest.” For the Nazis, survival of a race depended upon its ability to reproduce and multiply, its accumulation of land to support and feed that expanding population, and its vigilance in maintaining the purity of its gene pool, thus preserving the unique “racial” characteristics with which “nature” had equipped it for success in the struggle to survive. Since each “race” sought to expand, and since the space on the earth was finite, the struggle for survival resulted “naturally” in violent conquest and military confrontation. Hence, war — even constant war — was a part of nature, a part of the human condition. What is and has always been the position of the Republican Party? “Constant War” and treating lesser races as the enemy. This even ties back to the Klu Klux Klan and the war against the black race in this country.

While the Nazis classified Jews as the priority “enemy,” the Nazi ideological concept of race targeted other groups for persecution, imprisonment, and annihilation, including Roma (Gypsies), people with disabilities, Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, and Afro-Germans. The Nazis also identified political dissidents, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, and so-called asocials as enemies and security risks either because they consciously opposed the Nazi regime or some aspect of their behavior did not fit Nazi perceptions of social norms. They sought to eliminate domestic non-conformists and so-called racial threats through a perpetual self-purge of German society. Here again the identical tie to the Radical Right in this country, as it is overwhelmingly proven how the Radical Christian Right has these very same views and that homosexuals are bad and immoral and that the Muslim people are an immediate threat to the security of the United States.

The Nazis believed that superior races had not just the right but the obligation to subdue and even exterminate inferior ones. They believed that this struggle of races was consistent with the law of nature. The Nazis pursued a strategic vision of a dominant German race ruling subject peoples, especially the Slavs and the so-called Asiatics (by which they meant the peoples of Soviet Central Asia and the Muslim populations of the Caucasus region), whom they judged to be innately inferior. For purposes of propaganda, the Nazis often framed this strategic vision in terms of a crusade to save western civilization from these “eastern” or “Asiatic” barbarians and their Jewish leaders and organizers. This statement is a complete parallel to the views of the Radical Right as they believe the elimination of the Muslim populations will “Save the Western civilization.” There have even been times where the Republicans and the Right have indicated that “We were on a Crusade” against the barbaric Muslims.

GOP and War

The Political Ideology Connection

It is truly a laugh when the Radical Right & Republicans call President Obama and the Democrats not only “Nazi’s” but also “Socialist Communists” as they are a complete opposite. What was even funnier was the fact that during the early Tea Party Protests they called the President a Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Fascist and Nazi. This just goes to show you the ignorance level of the Right.

Various right-wing politicians and political parties in Europe welcomed the rise of fascism and the Nazis out of an intense aversion towards Communism. According to them, Hitler was the savior of Western civilization and of capitalism against Bolshevism. Among these supporters in the 1920s and early 1930s was the Conservative Party in Britain. During the later 1930s and 1940s, the Nazis were supported by the Falange movement in Spain, and by political and military figures who would form the government of Vichy France. A Legion of French Volunteers against Bolshevism (LVF) and other anti-Soviet fighting formations, were formed. Notice the references to “Right-Wing” and “Conservative Party” and how these groups viewed Hitler as the “Savior of Western Civilization and of Capitalism”

The British Conservative party and the right-wing parties in France appeased the Nazi regime in the mid- and late-1930s, even though they had begun to criticize its totalitarianism. Some contemporary commentators suggested that these parties did in fact still support the Nazis.

Hitler admired the British Empire as a shining example of Nordic genius. Racist theories were developed by British intellectuals in the 19th century to control the Indian people and other “savages.” These methods were often copied by the Nazis.

Hitler Immigration

Similarly, in his early years Hitler also greatly admired the United States of America. In Mein Kampf, he praised the United States for its race-based anti-immigration laws. According to Hitler, America was a successful nation because it kept itself “pure” of “lesser races.” However as war approached, his view of the United States became more negative and he believed that Germany would have an easy victory over the United States precisely because the United States in his later estimation had become a mongrel nation. Just as we have witnessed lately, the Right has been pushing the issue of immigration and they do not want the borders open to foreigners, specifically Muslims. We have also seen the extreme laws enacted in Arizona against the Latin population.

The United States has always been a melting pot of races and religions and it has been that diversity that has made the US strong. Yet in the last couple of years the Right has been pushing this “cleansing” effort to lock down immigration in the USA just in the same manner and views of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.