The Radical Right and the Hitler Nazi Parallels

Sound far fetched? Don’t be so certain in your assessment, as the push from the Tea Party and the Radical Religious Right has so many parallels, that it has become frightening and cannot be ignored any longer.

Tread on Snakes

The Complete Irony

When one reads the protest signs (if spelled right) or articles from the right and comments from the religious right, they are pointing fingers of Nazism at President Obama and the Left. You don’t have to take my word for it, just Google “Obama and Nazi” and 26 million entries are found at the time of this writing.

In an interview withChris Wallace on Fox News in 2010 Newt Gingrich himself was quoted in saying the following…

Wallace Quoting Gingrich: “The secular socialist machine represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union once did.” Mr. Speaker, respectfully, isn’t that wildly over the top?

If You listen to the stupid and asinine logic that Gingrich is touting, it is the same Republican Political line of protecting the rich at the cost of the Middle Class. He twists words of the President and puts a “Nazi/Communist” twist on it. What The President has been trying to do is get the Super Rich to pay their fair share in taxes like the rest of America, but Gingrich likens “equal responsibility” as a form of Nazism or Communism. Further in the article the writer makes this observation comment…

Newt’s argument frames the usual fear-mongering, boogie man beliefs that have been passed on for generations through the Republican Party. The “Commie threat” has been used for decades and was made popular by Joe McCarthy until he was ousted as a nut.

But the College Republicans of the 80s–people like Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed–took the Soviet Union “spies have infiltrated our government” paranoia to the kind of heights that can only be described as downright delusional, coupled with a Robert Ludlum-hero worship syndrome.

These guys read Russian spy novels and dressed up in army fatigues, flying around the world trying to embed themselves into the action, fighting against communism while supporting the South American Apartheid regime. And it’s this mindset untethered by facts that Gingrich philosophizes on.