Global Warming is a “Hoax!”

Just why is it all the Republicans and Tea Baggers want everyone to believe that Global Warming, especially Global Warming which is caused by man is nothing but a Hoax? In conjunction with this, why is it the Republicans and Tea Baggers are pushing for the end of the EPA?  Let us first watch this video proving Paul Broun’s position…

Paul Broun Delusional Koch Whore Video

Let’s think about this for a moment. The Right is pushing the idea that Global Warming by man is a Hoax and they want the elimination of the EPA. Additionally Paul Broun’s partner in crime Fred Upton wants to stop the funding for alternative energy and open oil production in the ANWR Wilderness in Alaska. Any logical person with basic common sense can see the purpose of this multi-pronged attack by the Right. These statements when combined clearly points to the source of this agenda… Big Oil!

  • Pollution by man burning fossil fuels causing Global Warming is a Hoax therefore we should not feel as a society that by driving our and cars fueling big oil is a bad thing.
  • Elimination of the EPA will not only remove regulations keeping big oil in check but will also eliminate the pollution requirements and regulations from the burning of fossil fuel in motor vehicles.
  • Stopping the funding for research and development for alternative energy will lock us into the dependence oil which has a nice ancillary benefit of declaring war in the Middle East fueling the government contractor war machine. Of course this is exactly why Paul Broun claims jobs will be lost as alternative energy will take away money & jobs from big oil and take away money & jobs from the War machine.
  • Finally the little slip in of the “Need to be Drilling Baby Drill” in the ANWR Wilderness. Of course this means more money for big oil and it will cost billions. The Original Alaskan Pipeline cost roughly about 8 Billion dollars to build and that is 1997 dollars for that estimate. A new pipeline from ANWR would be easily triple that, and for what benefit? It has been stated by the industry that the amount of oil that could be produced would amount to an eyedropper comparative to the Middle East. So why bother? Here is your answer to many things, “Alaska’s Pipeline is running on empty.” This site proves that there really isn’t much oil to be produced and secondly Alaska is lobbying to get clearance to drill in ANWR and build a new pipeline, fuel their economy & to continue getting those oil share checks

Now, Paul Broun’s comments that “Scientists All Over the World say the idea of Human Induced Climate Change is a Hoax” is nothing but a talking point tall tale. Notice that Paul Broun never mentions any names or studies for his Lies. There is 0.1% of the scientific community that will be a Global Warming denier and the other 99.9% percent of the Global Scientific community have been studying it for decades using long range data models have proven beyond any doubt that Global Warming is REAL and that man made Greenhouse Gasses have been a contributor to the warming.

Just who is this .1 percent who deny Global Warming? Well I’ll give you a guess who they are employed by and the lack of credentials that they have. Here is one of these “Scientific Experts” for the Right, Dr. Tim Ball. Of course Dr. Ball claims to have a “Doctorate” in Climatology when in fact he has a simple degree in Geography. Of course the Right will never tell you this.

Global Warming Skepticism Wite Paper

Here is another one of that .1 percent who deny Global Warming, Christopher Monckton. Monckton does not have formal training in Climate Science and is one of the most cited and widely published climate skeptics. Mr. Monckton has even been invited to testify to the U.S. Senate and Congress on several occasions. Nothing like having the blind lead by the blind. Mr. Monckton re-uses existing studies and tweaks them for his purpose and position and he uses deceptive means trying to drive a point. One example of this is to show graphs which show very little variance in climate change. The trick that is used is to show only a couple years in the chart, and it’s true, you will not see much variation in a year or two. But, when you step back and show the long range trends, the evidence is overwhelming.

This Presentation by Professor John Abraham who is a climatologist and an expert in air and water mechanics does a very clear point by point rebuttal of Monckton’s work. The White Paper Link above provides a huge amount of information on Global Warming. This online presentation with narration by Professor Abraham is very exhaustive and will take nearly a full hour to see not only the scientific facts by Professor Abraham and other experts but will clearly discredit Monckton.

Paul Broun, SLIME And

Liar Paul Broun