This Country Truly Needs to Wake Up!

Dear America, What you are about to read on this blog article is complete and undisputable FACT! If it does not scare you that we have politicians representing the people of America in congress, who ARE flat out lying to further their agenda and profit from their actions, then God Help us All! If the people in this country DO NOT Stand Up to these Lying Psychopaths and put a stop to it, you may as well kiss this country, your future and the future of your children good bye!

Paul Broun (Republican Georgia) is just one prime example of this unbelievable corruption. If you people in Georgia think this LIAR is working for YOU and for the betterment of this country, then you are beyond delusional. Paul Broun DOES NOT care about the people who voted for him, and he has fed those voters a line of shit to get voted in. Paul Broun is a Federal Lawmaker supposedly sworn to uphold the law of the United States. He does NOT and he makes a mockery of the laws in this country…

The Law: Threatening the President of the United States is a class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States.”
The Law: Threatening the President of the United States is a class D felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States.”

Shall we watch the video recap of recent events at one of Paul Broun’s Townhall meetings? 

Just what part of the law about being a firsthand witness to an assassination threat that this Federal Lawmaker Paul Broun not understand? He Laughed about the comment threatening the life of a sitting President and he is an accessory to a felony. The irony of Paul Broun is that he wraps himself in the constitution and claims that he will uphold the constitution and yet he laughs and does NOTHING about a threat on the President’s life.

The Constitution

Just like all the rest of these belligerent right wing nuts Paul Broun wraps himself in the Constitution claiming that our constitutional rights are being violated and that he needs to make certain that the Constitution is upheld and protected for the American People. Once again the complete irony of all of this is Paul Broun knows NOTHING about the US Constitution that he is grasping so firmly. In the video below you will clearly see Paul Broun being called out on the House Floor by Representative Alan Grayson over the separation of government branches and Paul Broun struggles and struggles while House Pages run to his aid and he tries to defer the question because he clearly does NOT understand or can even comprehend the US Constitution.

President Obama is a Marxist/Socialist

Again we have Paul Broun trying to put fear into the minds of the people and it is the people who should be deeply fearful of talking point liars like Paul Broun. First of all, Paul Broun does NOT have the first idea what these big words mean. Here is the definition of Marxist Socialism…


[quote]In Marxist theory, socialism, or the socialist mode of production, refers to a specific historical phase of economic development and its corresponding set of social relations that eventually supersede capitalism. Socialism is a mode of production where economic activity is based on directly maximizing use-value through conscious economic planning, where monetary relations in the form of exchange-value and wage labor cease to exist out. Socialism is characterized by the working-class effectively controlling the means of production and the means of their livelihood either through cooperative enterprises or public ownership (with the state being re-organized under socialism) and self management.

Socialism is a post-commodity economic system, meaning production is carried out to maximize use-value (to directly satisfy human needs, or demand) rather than to exchange on the market to generate a profit (to maximize exchange-value).[/quote]

It’s truly amazing how these Right Winger Nuts and Tea Baggers latch onto words and concepts that they truly do not understand nor comprehend for the purpose of generating fear against the current President and Administration. In the very last paragraph of the Socialism definition we can see that clearly the production of goods and services are carried out based on needs or physical demand versus producing goods and services for the idea of producing capitalistic profit. So I guess the President and the Administration’s view of rescuing the “previously profitable” auto industry that was on the verge of failing, back to success and profitability was a socialist move? But wait, according to Karl Marx “Profitability” is the opposite to Socialism. It appears that the current administration is Capitalistic and not Socialistic according to Marxist Socialism theories.

Paul Broun SOTU Tweet

So what is it that the Right is crying about then? It’s Racism disguised as Socialism and Communism, pure and simple; and not even Racism limited on color or race or religion but even Racism of the classes. The top class is waging war on the middle and lower class in this country and they are using the Right Wing Middle and Lower class as their rabid pawns to further the hatred and agenda. The Top Class funds people like Paul Broun to be puppets to spread lies with scary words like “Socialism” and the mindless sheep on the Right buy into these lies and unwittingly line up behind their puppet masters totally oblivious that they are cutting their own throats. Perhaps you should be asking yourself what will happen to you and your family when the top class succeeds in their goals of eliminating Social Security, Medicare, The EPA, The FDA, The Department of Education etc. It will not matter to them as they are an unnecessary expense for the masses. Here is what is going to happen. The Top Class will just pay for tutors for their children, Pay for medical for them out of their own pockets, won’t worry about pollution as they will be the only ones driving cars and they will use the lower class people decaying in the streets to test eat their food to make sure it’s safe. If you think this is all a farfetched joke than you had better consider these statistical charts below and ask yourself if that scenario is so farfetched.

Richest 10% own 2/3 of USA Net Worth

Just keep this one thought in your mind if you forget everything else. The Top 10% of this Country own two thirds of the wealth in this country. The chart to the left clearly shows this. If the statistic that 90% of this country’s population only controls 26.9% of the country’s net worth does not scare you to death then I don’t know what will.

All Statistical Charts courtesy of Mother Jones.

Note: The 2007 data (the most current) doesn’t reflect the impact of the housing market crash. In 2007, the bottom 60% of Americans had 65% of their net worth tied up in their homes. The top 1%, in contrast, had just 10%. The housing crisis has no doubt further swelled the share of total net worth held by the superrich.

Here are some additional charts to consider

How Rich is the Super Rich?

Balance of WealthPolitician WealthWho is Winning

“Socialism” How about “The Top Class Skipping out on their responsibility to Pay their part of the Dinner Check?” The Complete and Unbelievable Irony in all of this is, the Right Wing claims to be the “Christians” and having the MORAL Values, hence why they are Pro Life on the Abortion issue and yet they want people to die by the thousands because they have no health care or because children are dying due to destitution and starvation because the Middle and Lower Classes are shouldering the Tax Burden in this country. Amazing how that does not bother them one bit. But heaven forbid that a woman may need an abortion due to health issues or rape and incest! The utter hypocrisy to want to preserve an unborn child’s life just to turn their backs on living and breathing children because it is promoted by the right as “Socialism” to do so, is a crime against humanity!

Global Warming is a “Hoax!”

Just why is it all the Republicans and Tea Baggers want everyone to believe that Global Warming, especially Global Warming which is caused by man is nothing but a Hoax? In conjunction with this, why is it the Republicans and Tea Baggers are pushing for the end of the EPA?  Let us first watch this video proving Paul Broun’s position…

Let’s think about this for a moment. The Right is pushing the idea that Global Warming by man is a Hoax and they want the elimination of the EPA. Additionally Paul Broun’s partner in crime Fred Upton wants to stop the funding for alternative energy and open oil production in the ANWR Wilderness in Alaska. Any logical person with basic common sense can see the purpose of this multi-pronged attack by the Right. These statements when combined clearly points to the source of this agenda… Big Oil!

  • Pollution by man burning fossil fuels causing Global Warming is a Hoax therefore we should not feel as a society that by driving our and cars fueling big oil is a bad thing.
  • Elimination of the EPA will not only remove regulations keeping big oil in check but will also eliminate the pollution requirements and regulations from the burning of fossil fuel in motor vehicles.
  • Stopping the funding for research and development for alternative energy will lock us into the dependence oil which has a nice ancillary benefit of declaring war in the Middle East fueling the government contractor war machine. Of course this is exactly why Paul Broun claims jobs will be lost as alternative energy will take away money & jobs from big oil and take away money & jobs from the War machine.
  • Finally the little slip in of the “Need to be Drilling Baby Drill” in the ANWR Wilderness. Of course this means more money for big oil and it will cost billions. The Original Alaskan Pipeline cost roughly about 8 Billion dollars to build and that is 1997 dollars for that estimate. A new pipeline from ANWR would be easily triple that, and for what benefit? It has been stated by the industry that the amount of oil that could be produced would amount to an eyedropper comparative to the Middle East. So why bother? Here is your answer to many things, “Alaska’s Pipeline is running on empty.” This site proves that there really isn’t much oil to be produced and secondly Alaska is lobbying to get clearance to drill in ANWR and build a new pipeline, fuel their economy & to continue getting those oil share checks

Now, Paul Broun’s comments that “Scientists All Over the World say the idea of Human Induced Climate Change is a Hoax” is nothing but a talking point tall tale. Notice that Paul Broun never mentions any names or studies for his Lies. There is 0.1% of the scientific community that will be a Global Warming denier and the other 99.9% percent of the Global Scientific community have been studying it for decades using long range data models have proven beyond any doubt that Global Warming is REAL and that man made Greenhouse Gasses have been a contributor to the warming.

Just who is this .1 percent who deny Global Warming? Well I’ll give you a guess who they are employed by and the lack of credentials that they have. Here is one of these “Scientific Experts” for the Right, Dr. Tim Ball. Of course Dr. Ball claims to have a “Doctorate” in Climatology when in fact he has a simple degree in Geography. Of course the Right will never tell you this.

Global Warming Skepticism Wite Paper

Here is another one of that .1 percent who deny Global Warming, Christopher Monckton. Monckton does not have formal training in Climate Science and is one of the most cited and widely published climate skeptics. Mr. Monckton has even been invited to testify to the U.S. Senate and Congress on several occasions. Nothing like having the blind lead by the blind. Mr. Monckton re-uses existing studies and tweaks them for his purpose and position and he uses deceptive means trying to drive a point. One example of this is to show graphs which show very little variance in climate change. The trick that is used is to show only a couple years in the chart, and it’s true, you will not see much variation in a year or two. But, when you step back and show the long range trends, the evidence is overwhelming.

This Presentation by Professor John Abraham who is a climatologist and an expert in air and water mechanics does a very clear point by point rebuttal of Monckton’s work. The White Paper Link above provides a huge amount of information on Global Warming. This online presentation with narration by Professor Abraham is very exhaustive and will take nearly a full hour to see not only the scientific facts by Professor Abraham and other experts but will clearly discredit Monckton.

Paul Broun, SLIME And

Liar Paul Broun