Palin Blood Libel

How Can You Go Any Lower?

So Let me get this Straight Ms. Tundra Tard… First You Promote the Targeting of Democrats with Your Reload Rhetoric. Then People are murdered and injured and You Cry that YOU are the Victim, using a term you have no clue of the meaning! Now You claim Democrats have the “Fighting Instinct of a Bunch of Sheep.”

That’s right. Wednesday night on Fox News, Ms. Palin said that one thing she loves about the GOP is that it believes in competition among its members.

“You know … we don’t have just the fighting instincts of a bunch of sheep, like I think a lot of Democrats do,” said Palin.

Seems Gabrielle Giffords after being Shot in the Head has Fought a very Gallant and Heroic Fight for Her Life!

You are a Piece of Shit Ms. Palin and YOU think because you parade around on national television killing defenseless animals for television ratings makes you some sort of a tough Bitch. Well maybe in YOUR delusional mind perhaps.

“Fighting Instincts of Sheep?”

Really? Once again you open your pathetic flap and spew out big words and sentences for which you have no clue. Perhaps one day you will learn, but given your ongoing record, that is extremely doubtful.

So Democrats have the fighting instincts of  Sheep? Just like Blood Libel, YOU open your pathetic pie hole and shove both feet down your throat.  Where I come from, the Sheep are called Big Horn Sheep and in the National Geographic Video below the narrator says this…

They are Fierce Competitors, Strong, Tireless, Determined, and Willing to Use Every Trick in the Book to Achieve Victory!

Not Only are Big Horn Sheep Fierce, Strong, Tireless, Determined and Willing to do ANYTHING to achieve Victory, But they are also a symbol of the Western United States, the Official State Animal of Colorado and have a significant importance to the Boy Scouts of America as well as Arizona… You know, the State were your pathetic pal McCain lives…

Big Horn Sheep and the Boy Scouts

In 1936, the Arizona Boy Scouts mounted a state-wide campaign to save the Bighorn Sheep. The Scouts first became interested in the sheep through the efforts of Major Frederick Russell Burnham, the noted conservationist who has been called the Father of Scouting. Burnham observed that fewer than 150 of these sheep still lived in the Arizona mountains. He called George F. Miller, then scout executive of the boy scout council headquartered in Phoenix, with a plan to save the sheep. Burnham put it this way:

I want you to save this majestic animal, not only because it is in danger of extinction, but of more importance, some day it might provide domestic sheep with a strain to save them from disaster at the hands of a yet unknown virus.

Several other prominent Arizonans join the movement and a save the bighorns poster contest was started in schools throughout the state. Burnham provided prizes and appeared in store windows from one end of Arizona to the other. The contest-winning bighorn emblem was made up into neckerchief slides for the 10,000 boy scouts, and talks and dramatizations were given at school assemblies and on radio. The National Wildlife Federation, the Izaak Walton League, and the National Audubon Society also joined the effort.

Blood Libel… Democrats are Sheep…

So Ms. Palin, it appears that your frozen pea brain still does not get it. You try and use words and adjectives for which you are totally clueless to their meanings. Just like your pathetic and senseless reference to Blood Libel you turn around and seemingly accuse Democrats of being spineless by another one of your stupid metaphors and we just called YOU on it!

Please keep spewing your hatred and stupidity Ms. Tundra Tard as your hole keeps getting deeper and deeper.