Cheney The Torturer

Panties Cutting Off Circulation to Your Brain Dick?

Ahh the Dickless Dick Cheney made the rounds today and made his asinine predictions, specifically that President Obama will be a one term President… Really? Sort of like you predicted there were WMD’s in Iraq? Oops… I mean LIED to the American People?

Well Dickless, Seems that You are in real deep shit and you should not be doing interviews since there is an international Interpol arrest warrant for your sorry ass. Perhaps you should keep your worthless trap shut and remain in hiding before you are extradited!

Shall we go to all the videos DICK?

Cheney & Arrest warrant

Cheney & Halliburton Connection

Cheney Exposed over Iraq War

Care to Comment Dick? Doubtful as you are a worthless limp Dick and a ChickenHawk Coward that is hell bent on destroying this country to put money in your pocket! You are the Slime of the Earth you worthless piece of shit.