Slime Cover Michelle Bachmann

Liar Extraordinaire!

You know Ms. Bachmann the continual growing trend of your lies and deceptions is truly reaching epidemic proportions! Maybe your frozen bonehead constituents in Minnesota are buying your pathetic rhetoric, but the people with brains who can think and do the research don’t buy your bullshit!


You and your worthless pal Sarah Palin are cut from the same cloth. Both of you have big mouths, pea brains and followers who don’t have enough collective brain cells to fill a Petri dish!


The $200 Million a Day Debacle!

The big juicy one recently about the President, according to YOU, was burning tax payer dollars to the tune of $200 million a day on his recent trip to India! Do you know how utterly asinine and preposterous your claims were on that one? Apparently not, as you felt you had some sort of Big Scoop and you shot your pathetic mouth off, yet again, making YOU out to be the sucker and fool! I’m not sure what is funnier, your gullible stupidity or the fact you believe YOU have what it takes to be a President!

Here’s a video recap of the lies and backpedaling

The Spending and Deficit Chart Debacle!

Recently Ms. Bachmann appeared on the morning television circuit. Now the first thing I need to ask is with all the members there are in congress, just why is it we continue to hear from the same few motor mouths? Is the GOP shielding the rest because they are dumber than Bachmann? That’s a scary thought!

Well anyway, Ms. Bachmann was on her usual tirade about spending and the deficit and cry to smaller government and waving her charts in the air to somewhat prove her position. And of course the morning round of television hosts on NBC, CBS, and ABC don’t have the balls enough to call her on her points and ask her to provide the REAL Facts which are the basis of her silly charts. Based on the fish story above, perhaps the morning circuit had better grow a pair as her sources were probably concocted numbers residing in something like “Bachmann-deficit.xls” or similar source.

Well let us look at the REAL Facts should we? Not the LIES the Republicans, especially Michele Bachmann want you to believe, you know like reliable sources such as The US Department of Commerce and The CATO Institute. The charts below should be an eye opener, right Ms. Bachmann?

GDP Growth Chart - Department of Commerce

Corporate Profits Charts - Department of Commerce

Private Employment Growth

Temporary Employment Growth

Well Ms. Bachmann It seems that President Obama in a scant 2 years has turned around the Free Fall of the Economy and Jobs Thanks to You and the Worthless Republicans! Don’t you just hate it when I can make you look like a horses ass?

Deficit from Republican View

The True Deficit View

Budget Pie Bush vs Obama

Ms. Bachmann, It appears that in FACT that it was the Republicans and George Bush who has run up the US Deficit! You can continue to play games and LIE to the American Public and every time you do I’ll be there to burn your Worthless Ass!

Bachmann Stimulas Request

Ah Gee! What do we have HERE? Well isn’t it totally funny how people like Michele Bachmann were the first to complain about the Stimulus for the Economy and yet this LIAR was one of the first in line with their hands out to GET Stimulus Money for their state. Tisk, Tisk Ms. Bachmann, Feeling Stupid Yet?

If you want to find out what other Congressmen/Congresswomen and Senators have had their hands out, click the Stimulus Tool below to get the dirt!

Stimulus Tool

Well Ms. Bachmann, What do we have HERE? Why this is a chart that shows Presidential Term Spending and Deficit from 1978 through 2005. Oops! It appears that in FACT The Republicans and the Republican Presidential Terms were and are in FACT the ones who have increased the US Debt and Deficit. In FACT Ms. Bachmann, it has been the Republicans who increased the US Debt over that period a whopping 32+% more than the Democrats! Don’t you just hate it when I Provide the FACTS and PROVE YOU are a LIAR?

What’s Worse, A Liar or a Lying Politician?

Ms. Bachmann! YOU are a pathetic LIAR who is trying to grandstand YOUR importance and you are just like that worthless Tundra Tard Sarah Palin, spewing unsubstantiated talking points about as deep as a puddle of rain water on sidewalk. When your lying smoke screen clears YOU are about as important and relevant as a dried up cow pattie on the Western plains, and YOU will be nothing more than that!