Slime Person of the Year Palin

The Religious Right’s Phony Leader

It is truly sad that there a people in this country who follow this belligerent, uninformed, talking point liar. Just why is it that when this ditz is called on her pathetic lies,  over and over again, that her mindless followers keep lining up behind her? What will it take really? How many times does this motor mouth have to be proven an outright liar before people will finally realize that Sarah Palin only cares about herself and the money she can steal from you poor saps who believe her?

Palin’s Many Blunders and Lies

  • She bragged about her foreign policy experience but did not know that Africa was a continent but knew she could see Russia.
  • She bragged about reading all the top newspapers and top magazines but when asked to name just one… “I’ll get back to ya…”
  • She bragged about how global warming was a myth but also stated that man walked with the dinosaurs 4,000 years ago.
  • She bragged about not wasting the taxpayers money on the “Bridge to Nowhere” but ran her campaign for Governor supporting the Bridge to Nowhere.
  • She bragged about being for the USA and the people of the USA when in fact she was videotaped giving the opening address for the Alaska Independence Party (AIP), which her husband is a member. The AIP is pushing for the succession of Alaska to be an independent and sovereign country.
  • She bragged about supporting the people of Alaska but spent the majority of her Governorship at her private home and then abandoned the people of Alaska by Quitting 18 months into her term.
  • She brags about Christian Conservatism and sexual abstinence all the while her teenage daughter is engaged in premarital sexual relations and has an illegitimate child out of wedlock.
  • She brags about having a degree in journalism, albeit via 5 universities, and yet makes more word salads and made up words than most 5 year olds.

Palin Politics

  • She criticized President Obama and the Healthcare Reform but consistently jumped the border into Canada to use the Canadian Government Run Health Care System.
  • She was tutored on the position and responsibility of the duties of the Vice President but when asked by a third grader in Colorado what the job responsibilities of the Vice President were, she failed again.
  • She criticized President Obama of Socialism when in fact Alaska is the most socialist state in the United States by the redistribution of oil royalties going  to every man, woman, and child in Alaska.
  • She criticized President Obama for using a teleprompter, just as George Bush did, during his speeches while she “sharpied” crib notes on her hand for her speeches.
  • She criticized President Obama of not being a Christian when prior she was video taped being blessed by a Witch Doctor.
  • She criticized President Obama for assigning Czars to run the government when in fact that Czars have been assigned by Presidents since FDR and that George Bush assigned 35 Czars.
  • She criticized President Obama for being an “Elitist” when in fact she demands private jets, limos and 5 star hotels for her speaking engagements.
  • She criticized President Obama for the oil spill in the Gulf when in fact she is the biggest proponents to off-shore and wilderness oil drilling. Her position of oil drilling on the north shore in the Anwar wilderness is legendary.
  • She criticized President Obama on his weak stance against foreign dictators like Hugo Chavez when in fact her husband’s advertising contributor to his snowmobile racing is Hugo Chavez’s Oil Company.
  • She endorses political candidates like Carly Fiorina to bring jobs to California when in fact Carly Fiorina when CEO at Hewlett Packard laid off 30,000 employees and shipped their jobs overseas in addition to secretly doing business with Iran via Dubai during a US Federal Embargo against Iran.
  • Finally, on November 11, 2010 Palin criticized President Obama “the most pro-abortion president to occupy the White House…” Dear Ms. Shit for Brains… There is simply no such thing Ms. Palin and this continual LIE is the oldest Republican talking point that is nothing but twisting of the facts.  In the landmark Supreme Court Decision Roe v Wade there are two political positions. Either You are Pro-Life or You are Pro-Choice, end of story and for you to make such asinine comments just continues to prove your pathetic ignorance.

Palin's Tea Party Suckers

Wake Up America! This Woman is the biggest phony and biggest liar to ever open her mouth, and if you believe anything this stupid wannabe politician says, you are a complete and utter fool.