GOP wanting Stimulus Funding

Just when will the American People Wake Up to the Truth and True Reality? If the People of America believe that the Republican Party is being honest with them and are looking out for their best interest, then they are delusional and refuse to accept pure reality.

One perfect example of this is the unending nonsense about President Obama and his birth certificate and being a US Citizen. Do you people honestly believe that President Obama’s parents KNEW Full well, and beyond any doubt, that their son was going to be elected as the President of the United States? Then with this knowledge they moved to the United States from Africa before he was born to insure that he was a US Citizen.  Then, if that all was not totally unbelievable, They didn’t just stop on the East Coast of the USA to give birth on American Soil, They traveled across the entire USA and halfway across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii for their son to be born. Do you all know how utterly moronic and stupid that conspiracy sounds and how it makes you look if you even believe something so stupid? If ANYONE believes such an insane conspiracy, they belong in a padded cell.

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The Stimulus Hypocrisy

It is truly amazing How Republican after Republican fought with passion against the stimulus and the interesting thing is it was the REPUBLICANS and 8 years of Bush that brought this country on the verge of a second depression.

Not only this, but it was again the Republicans who fought with passion to cut banking regulations that started the fall of the financial domino’s, specifically John McCain and the Keating Scandal.


  1. the practice of professing standards, beliefs, etc, contrary to one’s real character or actual behavior, esp the pretense of virtue and piety
  2. Liars, Hypocrites, Charlatan

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Fought it… Now they Want it…

If I had not seen the proof, I would not have believed it. These same WORTHLESS Republicans who fought the stimulus with such fervor were the first in line with their hands out for the money. Not only that, but there are Republican / Tea Party Candidates who are criticizing their opponents in the 2010 elections. Enter Scott Rigell from Virginia. Mr. Rigell is attacking Glenn Nye for his voting for the stimulus and yet Scott Rigell and his auto dealership collected close to a half a million dollars for the “cash for clunkers” program which was part of the stimulus.

Here is just one of the many requests from the Lying Hypocrite Republicans.

John McCain Stimulus Request

But… That’s Not All Folks!

Use this interactive application to find all the Republicans on their knees begging for the money they fought so hard against with the President. The Party of NO is also the Party of Pathetic LIARS and Hypocrites! Just say NO to the Party of NO!

Wake UP America!