GOP Clown John McCain

Worst Clown Ever!

John McCain, You will go down in the history books as the sick individual who opened Pandora’s box and let this uncontrollable fanatic loose on this country.

Your sick fantasy to win the White House at any cost will end up costing this entire country dearly because of this demented, egotistical woman!

Senator McCain, I would like to know how you live with yourself and sleep at night; because if I had done such an injustice to the American People, I would have left this country in complete shame never to return.

You Sir are a disgrace to this nation and WE will NEVER forget your greedy, self serving actions at the cost of the American people.

You Senator McCain Sold Out Your Fellow Soldiers in Vietnam like a despicable Rat, and You Sold Out the American People because of your Greed to be President. Are You Proud of Yourself John McCain?