Mr. Wonka, I mean Mr. Jobs, We Don’t Need Your Protection… Really!

iPhone FingerprintHow truly fitting! In one of Apple’s latest ads for the iPad or iPhone, Apple is truly telling their mind controlled insecure users that they view them as a 5 year old when using their products. This actually is a true representation of Apple’s views of their pathetic users. Steve iJobs who wants and demands that he  controls his users lives and experiences that he goes to great strides to insure his user community remains at the computing proficiency of a 5 year old.

Seriously, watch any of the latest Apple ads running on television and it’s clear to see that Apple views the world as a bunch of incompetent fools and he’s there to save you by controlling you and helping you making decisions in life, implying you are incapable of making rational decisions in your life. Very sad when you think about it and it’s very evident how brainwashed his pathetic users are, as they will defend Apple and Steve iJobs to the death when there is any article put up on Apple. Just as soon as a blogger makes any disparaging comments about iJobs and Apple these little controlled freaks start posting links from Apple friendly news sites and try to make rational sense out of all the stupid, controlling and pathetic ways that Steve iJobs has set their course for. It’s truly funny to watch it as their defenses and reasons for why Uncle Steve wants it that way is the epitome of brainwashing.

Dear Steve iJobs… Thanks but No Thanks…

WE prefer choice and prefer to choose our hardware vendor, we prefer to choose our content including video on the web, and we prefer to choose our wireless provider and we don’t need YOU controlling our lives! Most of all, we prefer to use real adult tools not crayons, safety scissors, and construction paper!

Pure Imagination that Droid Does…

It’s truly ironic how Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. are using the music of “Pure Imagination” from the movie Willie Wonka and using the 5 year old crayon cutout metaphores. If you watch the movie you will notice the underlying theme, “Control” and that is Steve Job’s calling card.  Steve Jobs is Willie Wonka and the little children in the movie are his brainwashed users.


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