Another So So Night

It truly amazes me how some of these performers were almost better weeks ago compared to now coming down the home stretch. Two perfect examples, Andrew Garcia (Booted last week) who really brought it Hollywood week with Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” Change up and had trouble finding his way ever since. And Siobhan Magnus was one of my early favorites as it seemed she had the power and the pipes to deliver. It just seems the last number of weeks not only has she lost her way with being more concerned about “Performing Songs that are Important or Mean something personal for her…” which is wrong to do week after week. I’m not sure it’s a case that she is caught up in that stigma, or has lost the desire and edge or that she really did not have it to start with. For me she has had pitch all over the place and off key almost consistently.

Michael Lynche seemingly had the potential of being that Luther Vandross crooner but he just hasn’t been bringing it and showing his complete potential. Maybe family and the new little one has shifted his focus.

Casey James the teen heartthrob is just living in his “comfort only zone” and continues to do alright but it has turned to a boring broken record glued to his guitar.

Smiling Tim Urban has progressively gotten better, but the performance tonight was predictable and boring. You do have to give him credit for taking the criticism week after week.

Aaron Kelly clearly came to Idol two years too soon. There is no doubt he tries hard, but he is clearly over his head and would have fared better had he waited a few more years.

Tim or Aaron will be going home tomorrow and it will be a surprise if anyone else other than those two go home.

After tonight’s performance by Crystal Bowersox, she solidly confirmed what I’ve felt for a number of weeks. Crystal is in a league far above anyone else and she will be the next American Idol. If she isn’t voted the top position, than American Idol has really lost it’s way and purpose and it has become nothing more than a teeny bopper, love struck, voting frenzy for a “Physical Favorite” rather than the best singer.


And no, I’ve not forgotten Lee Dewyze and it’s odd that I found this video with Crystal and Lee. He did have a good performance and he is solidly the second place runner behind Crystal. Lee is good, but not at the caliber of Crystal (Sorry Lee).

Congrats Crystal! You are the Next American Idol!

Alicia Keys… Beautiful as always!