More iPad Fall Out

Oh Mr. iJobs… I bet you did not see this one coming did you? I guess this is what happens when you give all those free iPads to the Colleges and Universities. Not only do your pathetic devices suck when connecting to the college networks, but it appears the schools plan to recoup their broadband WiFi costs.

George Washington University students and faculty members who sprung for an iPad can’t access the campus wireless network. George Washington University’s information technology officials broke the sad news to students and faculty members planning to order an iPad: They can’t log onto the university’s wireless network. The university is working on the problem, The GW Hatchet reports, but doesn’t plan to offer iPad access for at least another year. The iPhone also doesn’t work on the university network.

Princeton University has blocked about two dozen iPads that were messing up the university network. Princeton officials warned students and others not to try to connect to the university network because of “high risk problems,” the Daily Princetonian reported. Still, about four dozen people tried accessing the Internet from their new iPads — and half caused problems to the network and have been blocked.

Seton Hill University, which is equipping every student with an iPad, has had to quadruple its bandwidth and charge students a $500-per-semester technology fee. The liberal-arts college in Pennsylvania has had to quadruple its bandwidth, extend wireless coverage to the entire campus and train faculty members. The new technology program is costing students an additional $500 per semester in fees, the Chronicle reports.

Cornell University is also seeing networking and connectivity issues, similar to what happened with the iPhone hit.

The real sad thing here is these clueless students are going to have to shell out $6,000 in usage fees to use these pathetic devices that are nothing more than a large version of an iPhone.

I don’t know… Maybe it’s me, but for $170 more I can have an ultra thin full scale notebook that runs a robust multi-tasking, multi-threading 64 bit operating system with twice the memory, twice the storage capacity, twice the battery capacity. Also, I can not only connect with no problems to the University networks, but I can choose to use a USB Broadband card to faster 4G networks. The Bonus, I’ll be saving $6,000 during my 4 year college stint!

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Finally, the saddest thing here is these students will be exposed to a dying architecture and keeping in mind that Apple has a pathetic 7% of the world marketplace, they will be newbies when they hit the REAL business world that runs on the Windows platforms.

iPad = iWaste of Money

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