Tar Sands The Truth

What Will It Take?

Just what WILL it take to have All the Citizens of the World rise up together in unison to send a clear message to Big Oil Pimps and their Politician Whores to stop the systematic destruction of this planet?
Save The Arctic - Irina Tikhomirova

Global Meltdown

The majority of the people in this country believe that the Keystone XL Pipeline will help reduce our dependency on foreign oil and the price at the pump. Both perceptions are wrong, as most of that Tar Sand is headed to China.


Gift From God Rape


According to Republicans and the extremist positions they are pushing, the brutal and violent rape of a defenseless woman is not only “Legitimate” but a “Gift from God.” For ANYONE to suggest that the brutal violation of a woman is Legitimate and the results are a Gift from God has serious mental and moral rights issues;