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Twitter Posters

Social Media Posters

For Those who have seen the posters I have been creating for Twitter, you can now take advantage of these posters for your own needs whether it be on Twitter or Facebook or Emails or even your own Blog sites.  The only stipulation or hope really,  is that you do not modify them to suit your needs.  Use them all you want, but please leave them in tact.

This is a continual work in progress with the goal of getting all the posters uploaded and upload any new ones that get created. So this page will be continually changing.

Enjoy! Sean Michael Bond

  • Boehner Terrorist
  • Boehner Insanity
  • Boehner
  • Christie Dumb Ass
  • Christie Any Questions
  • Christie DID Vote For Him
  • Christie Vote Against Your Rights
  • Christie Hispanic Vote
  • Cuccinelli Climate Change Denier
  • Cuccinelli Sexual Freedoms Denier
  • Cuccinelli Trickle Down Believer
  • Cuccinelli Woman's Rights Denier
  • Cuccinelli And Randy Paul
  • Cuccinelli And Texas Super Pac Funding
  • Eric Cantor - Liar
  • Ted Cruz - Failure
  • Ted Cruz - Green Eggs
  • Inhofe - ACA Liar
  • Presidential Debt Pie Chart
  • Einstein Capitalism
  • Indian Philosopher Tagore
  • Presidential Debt Bar Chart
  • Lies of Capitalism
  • Republican Tea Party Destroying The USA
  • Marsha Blackburn Trainwreck
  • Confederate Traitor Flag
  • Bush Failures
  • Darrell Issa Benghazi Obsession
  • Rubio Plagiarizing War
  • Marco Rubio EPA Regulations
  • David Barton Evangelical Lunatic
  • Bill Johnson Oil Whore
  • Owen Hill Ignorant Tea Bagger
  • Owen Hill Ignorant On Lincoln
  • Owen Hill Ignorant On US Debt
  • Speaker Boehner on Obamacare Sign Up
  • Trickle Down Failure
  • Capitalism Failure
  • Newtown and Gun Laws
  • Global Warming Deniers
  • Christian Pro-Life
  • Pope Francis on Capitalism


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